Our Vending Machines

Different workplaces require different refreshment solutions. Express Vending has the product range and logistical capacity to support everyone – from small offices that require space-saving solutions to the largest of industrial organisations.

Vending Machine Types

Snack machines can provide that essential mid-morning boost, keeping energy levels high and helping your staff focus on the task in hand.

Our drink vending machines keep staff refreshed and hydrated with a variety of cold drinks. Whether you want to stock delicious soft drinks, healthier options, or both, the choice is yours.

Many of our machines can also be set up to serve sandwiches and other meals. These machines save precious time employees might spend off-site finding lunch, and also promote a social atmosphere within the workplace.

It’s important to note that many of our vending machines are highly customisable, enabling a variety of drinks, snacks, and meals to be served all from the same machine.

Special Features

If you’re looking to wow visiting clients, or demand the cutting edge when it comes to vending machine technology, Express Vending’s smart and modern range has you covered.

Many of our machines can be configured to include:

  • Custom temperature control
  • Customisable payment systems – including contactless, cash, and card
  • Video & touch screens – for nutritional information, corporate messages, and news updates
  • Rotating drum systems for delivery of larger meals
  • Great green credentials- including A+ energy ratings
  • Automatic product expiry date monitoring

Vending Machine Hire

Express Vending offer vending machines on rental and lease agreements, which is the preferred option for businesses to keep costs down. Our operated programmes take all the work out of ensuring your vending machine is always clean, running smoothly, and fully stocked with the best snacks.

Vending Machine Dimensions

Size matters, especially in modern offices where efficient space management is essential. Express Vending offer a range of machine sizes to suit your workplace. Our small vending machines and coffee machines fit perfectly into modest spaces, while our larger models provide the scale and capacity needed by larger organisations.

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