Smart fridge vending

Tech Enabled Retail In The Food Service Industry

The Selecta Deli Smart Fridge is an innovative refreshment solution, with the sole purpose of bringing snacks and cold drinks to both the workplace and to consumers on the go in both public and semi-public environments. Completely attendant-free, our super simple smart fridge solution works like this:

  • You use a contactless payment solution to activate the machine.
  • You open the door and choose your snack or drink choice.
  • You close the door and the Smart fridge technology registers what you have just purchased.
  • You tuck in and enjoy your delicious purchase!
smart fridge vending

Why Choose A Selecta Smart Fridge?

Safe and hygienic food and drink offerings are becoming increasingly important in creating attractive consumer experiences. With the modern workplace continually changing, the need for a flexible and adaptable solution is paramount.

  • Working hours and break times are becoming more and more flexible.
  • High demand for reliable, 24/7 high-quality self-served convenience food that can fit in any location.
  • Varied, balanced and affordable refreshments help support the well-being of employees and the engagement and productivity in businesses.

Selecta Smart fridges tick all the right boxes:

  • Contactless payment methods to avoid unnecessary touchpoints.
  • Sleek and compact design, suitable for smaller spaces.
  • Can provide a wide range of healthy snacks that cannot be typically vended.
  • Individually pre-packaged food items to reduce the risk of contamination.
Smart vending

Outstanding Convenience, Consumer Focused

With Selecta’s smart fridge solutions, consumers can securely select multiple products and will only be charged for what they take with them.

  • Simplified alternative to a scan-and-go system.
  • Consumers can choose from a varied, transparent, and easily accessible assortment.
  • Open shelves provide the ability to look at, touch and feel products.
  • Only charged for what you choose!
Smart Vending Fridges

A Future-Proof Food Solution For Our Clients

Selecta Smart fridge solutions are suitable for all businesses, no matter how big or small and fit perfectly into any location.

  • 24/7 product availability.
  • 100% theft free.
  • Payment by App, Card or mobile Wallet.
  • Premium look and feel. Will not look out of place in most environments.
  • Weighted shelf system gives flexibility to what products can go into the fridges and how they are displayed.

Selecta Deli Duo

Introducing Deli Duo, one of several in our range of smart vending machines that’s fully capable of serving your modern workforce

Features include:

  • 2 fridge cabinet
  • 12 shelves, 30 product facings (15 per fridge)
  • Ideal for items that cannot be placed in a traditional vending machine
  • Payment: Card, app, mobile wallet

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