The office environment is synonymous with tea and coffee, with workers regularly taking breaks to seek their next caffeine fix. If you want to install coffee and hot drinks machines that will always be well received, choose Flavia. Featuring more than 20 varieties of beverage, the Flavia delivers fresh brews without any fuss.

This cutting-edge hot drink dispenser marries innovative user-friendly technology with a sleek design to produce coffee shop quality drinks. The Flavia Creation 400 brews one cup in less than a minute using brew-by-pack technology, meaning every employee can enjoy their favourite hot drink. There’s more than 25 options to choose from and it’s not just coffee – whether you’re after a freshly brewed herbal tea infusion or a creamy hot chocolate, the Flavia drinks machine has it all.

A clever addition to any workplace, the Flavia’s easy-to-use system has enabled it to become the leading single serve hot drinks solution for large offices up and down the UK. Not only is the Flavia coffee machine quick to clean and simple to fill, its energy efficient design has landed it an A+ rating, perfect if you’re looking for a sustainable solution.

We understand the importance of well-kept hot drinks machines and can look after every aspect of yours, from the maintenance to its stock levels. With the help of Express Vending, you can find a machine to suit your requirements no matter how big or small. Get in touch today to discuss your options or any questions you may have regarding the Flavia range.

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