Healthy vending - fruit and vegetable juices

At Express Vending we work closely with nutritionists, specialist companies and customers to provide a wide range of healthy snack options within our healthy vending programme. If like us, your company values a healthy lifestyle, then our healthy vending machine snacks are a great alternative to other snack and confectionery vending machines.

Our healthy food vending machines are constantly evolving, with nourishing snack options such as popcorn, oat and fruit bars, as well as vegan products, healthy drinks and water. We also have chilled dairy products such as yoghurt, milk and porridge, ideal for promoting a healthy breakfast solution in the workplace.


cereal bar with strawberries

We offer iPad-style swipe screens which clearly show users the ingredients and nutritional values of their chosen snack before purchasing. Traffic light colours are visibly shown indicating the fat, saturates, sugar and salt content for each snack.

As well as the healthy vending snacks we provide, our hot drink machines use quality Milfresh milk that is 100% skimmed, fat free and has no added colours, preservatives or hydrogenated vegetable fat.

We’ve worked with schools, offices and other commercial facilities and if you think your office or business could benefit from healthier alternatives such as vegan vending machines or healthy food vending machines then have a chat with a member of our team today.

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