Vivreau Vi-Tap

With Vivreau’s Vi-Tap, there’s no more waiting around for the kettle to boil or water to chill. An innovative new system, the Vi-Tap can dispense chilled, still, sparkling and boiling water from a single tap. It’s incredibly environmentally friendly, offering an eco-alternative to expensive pre-bottled water.

  • Designed and built to offer all the great benefits of filtered water
  • Touch control technology
  • Energy efficient sleep mode
  • Express Hub compatible
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It uses the latest advances in touch control technology, which ensures both a simple user experience, and an increase in hygiene. Its stylish design and futuristic interface is popular in offices and venues across the country, and complement any existing décor.

The Vi-Tap offers all the benefits of filtered water, as well as increasing the efficiency and speed of the tea-making process! It can supply any quantity of boiling water at the right temperature and for any level of demand.

Adding to its environmentally friendly credentials, the Vi-Tap also has an energy efficient sleep mode, for when it’s not being used.

Vivreau’s Vi-Tap can reduce your environmental impact, as well cutting costs and saving space. Available in a modular form, it can be fitted to the tightest of spaces, as well as coming in a floor standing version too.


» Touch control dispense

» Hot water safety feature

» Can be installed in modular form to fit into the tightest of spaces

» Perfect water flow with zero splash

» Extended options for bottle fill

Drink Selection:

  • Cold Only
  • Cold and Sparkling
  • Hot, Cold and Sparkling
  • Hot and Cold
  • Hot Only

Available in the Express HUB

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