Vivreau Bottler

Provide your visitors, staff and customers with fresh water without the resulting environmental impact. The Verteau V3 Table Water Bottling System eliminates the need to purchase expensive pre-bottled waters, and reduces the negative environmental impact that occurs when buying these plastic bottles.

  • Floor standing
  • Under counter
  • Fully integrated
  • Wall mounted
  • Multiple dispense tap options
  • Express Hub compatible
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The Vivreau Bottler provides environmentally friendly bottled table water. It comes with exclusive, reusable glass bottles in 4 sizes: 300 ml, 500 ml, 750 ml and 1 litre. These bottles have a stylish design and are a welcome addition to all offices and venues. They can even be printed with your or your client’s logo.

The Vivreau Bottler can dispense unlimited quantities of purified, chilled water, and can offer it in both still and sparkling.

Able to be installed in existing cupboards, the Vivreau Bottler is a space-saving option. A Cobra dispense tap can then be used on the work surface – rather than having the entire machine on display.

Not only does the Vivreau Bottler provide an environmentally-friendly, stylish alternative to pre-bottled water, it is also proven to be most cost-efficient.


» Proven cost savings versus pre-bottled waters. Typical cost savings achieved 60-80%

» Eliminate storage issues and free up refrigerator space

» Eliminate the need to transport environmentally unfriendly pre-bottled mineral waters

» Eliminate packaging waste associated with pre-bottled mineral waters

» High performance ice bank refrigeration technology delivering high volumes of chilled water at consistently low temperatures

» Removable dispense nozzles for improved hygiene

» Integral C02 bottle

» Exclusive Designer Bottle:

» Beautifully designed carafe style bottles to compliment our table water dispensers

» Finished with a subtle hint of blue

» Specially designed one-piece cap for improved hygiene

» Available in 425ml and 750ml sizes

» Dishwasher-resistant printing

» Can be printed with your company logo

Available in the Express HUB

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