Samba Top Snack & Sweet Machine

Meet Samba!

Not only am I stylish but I employ the latest technology. With the possibility to dispense snacks, food, bottles, cans & tetra pack, I really can offer it all.

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About Me

With my innovative technology, I can distribute and dispense my products in a quick, efficient and safe way.

I have an infrared detection system in my dispense compartment which ensures you are guaranteed your product.

You can have anything you fancy from, crisps and chocolate, to tasty treats I can supply a wide range of products.

My Features

  • Excellent capacity / size ratio
  • Possibility to install up to 3 payment systems
  • Electronic temperature set up and control
  • The possibility to dispense snacks, food, bottles, cans and tetra pack
  • I have a patented Softvend dispensing system and Multimax try for cans and bottles
  • My special try for sandwiches and baguettes
  • My elegant aluminium door with bright polycarbonate inserts
  • Patented directional LED lighting
  • Slide in / slide out cooling unit with front ventilation

Do you come in different models?

Yes! I am available in 3 different models. You have the choice to find you ideal machine to meet your needs and situation.

You can choose from:

  • Samba Classic
  • Samba Plus
  • Samba Top

Each of my models have different specialities one of our account managers will be happy to speak you through!

How will I know if you’re empty?

I have an infrared detection in my dispense compartment, so I can tell you when something is unavailable.

With Express full service you don’t have to worry about restocking anything yourself and we can provide you with a wide range of products.

Available in the Express HUB

Revolutionary new micro market refreshment solution

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