Mistral Snack & Sweet Machine

With an A+ energy rating, low energy lighting and innovative insulation properties, the Mistral+ series is perfect for businesses looking for a vending machine with a small footprint and a large selection of products.

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Able to display a huge range of crisps, confectionery, food and other snacks, the Mistral+ series is a vending machine like no other. It has a number of different configurations, ensuring that your machine can be personalised to your exact requirements.

With a machine to suit any location, you can be sure to find a Mistral+ in the size that fits your space – from small offices to large centres.

The innovative I-Detect technology ensures that there are no missed vends: no customer will walk away empty handed. With a large selection area, well-lit display area and great snacks, the Mistral+ vending machines offer a top quality customer experience, from start to finish.

The Mistral+ series has something to suit any location and every customer, thanks to its adaptable size and brilliant range of snacks.

Available in the Express HUB

Revolutionary new micro market refreshment solution

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