Melodia Cold Drink Machine

Melodia Cold Drink Machine

Meet Melodia!

Utilising the latest in vending machine technology, I'm N&W’s newest model.

Offering an ideal solution for small to medium locations, or any environment with limited space, I'm the innovative machine that is guaranteed to satisfy all employees.

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My Features

  • Large LCD Display
  • Install up to three payment systems
  • Highly efficient & reliable
  • Touch-sensitive keyboard
  • Newly designed dispense compartment easy to brand
  • Easy opening of door thanks to the grip in the interface area,
  • Foodies Compatible

About me

I have a neat and understated design, employing LED lighting on both the user interface and inside the display case. I have plenty of space to create your own branding.

My selection interface is incredibly easy to use and offers a simple and quick user experience.

To guarantee that your snacks, crisps, food and drinks are served at the perfect temperature, I have technology that enables three different temperatures to be set in the machine.

To provide a wide range of snacks and drinks in a small environment, I’m your ideal machine.

Coins and Notes
Our machines are configured as standard
All Major Cards
Accepted on our machines
Mobile Device Payment
Compatible with our cashless readers
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Free Delivery & Installation
Dedicated Account Manager
Flexible Finance Options
Inhouse Service Engineers
Tailor Made Solutions
Frequently Asked Questions
Can I put you against a wall?

It is possible to place the me flat against the wall thanks to front to front air ventilation.

Can I put more than just drinks in you?

I’m able to provide a large variety of products, including snacks, bigger food items, cans and bottles, there’s going to be something to please everyone. Able to stock up to 36 selections, you’ll be able to personalise the machine as much as is required.