Franke A600 Coffee Machine

As if prepared by hand, the premium Franke A600 coffee machine provides the consummate taste experience. When integrated with Franke FoamMaster technology, this versatile machine can offer virtually infinite hot and cold drink selections with fresh milk. From a silky caramel latte macchiato, through to a classic shot of rich espresso, the A600 can be tailored to delight your taste buds with impeccable consistency.

  • New Contactless Selection Technology
  • Crystal clear resolution 8 inch touch screen
  • Precision bean grinder
  • Sophisticated self-cleaning system
  • Generously sized bean hopper for easy refilling
  • LED lighting concept
  • Maximum energy efficiency
  • Express Hub compatible
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The A600 is a truly intelligent and user-friendly machine. Designed with seamless interaction in mind, key features include an 8-inch colour touchscreen with razor-sharp resolution and a customisable menu of beverages to choose from.

Drink orders and desired cup sizes can be selected and configured to meet individual requirements with a simple touch or swipe action – an efficient and effortless operation at the touch of a button.

The recommended FoamMaster unit provides limitless drink combinations and an advanced integrated cleaning concept, guaranteeing safe and practical handling at all times. Simply put, this automated system ensures that your machine maintains the highest levels of cleanliness with the least amount of effort – bringing you a new standard of convenience.

With its high-precision measuring mechanism and advanced temperature regulator, the FoamMaster ensures that an unparalleled quality of smooth milk foam is guaranteed in every glass. The optional Franke ‘Flavour Station’ also gives you the choice of 3 syrups to enhance standard beverages.



» FoamMaster unit

» 3 Syrup flavour station

» Cup warmer with 4 heated trays

» Base refrigeration unit

» Billing system


Drink Selection:

  • Ristretto | Espresso
  • Coffee | Café Crème
  • Brewed Coffee
  • Cappuccino | Latte Macchiato
  • Chococcino
  • Chocolate
  • Hot Milk
  • Hot Milk Foam
  • Cold Milk
  • Cold Milk Foam
  • Flavours
  • Hot Water | Steam

Available in the Express HUB

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