Franke A400 Coffee Machine

Say hello to Franke A400

I'm the super easy to operate machine that can offer you high-quality coffee within seconds. I can fit into any office or workplace with my stylish design.

  • I'm easy to operate
  • Totally customisable to suit you
  • I have professional coffee level technology
  • Express Hub compatible
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About Me

I bring a sophisticated coffee experience to offices and workspaces. Now you can enjoy fine quality coffee at the touch of a button. I am an advanced coffee machine with an 8-inch touch screen interface which delivers intuitive and easily customisable beverage menu.

I come equipped with an integrated cleaning system, which ensures safe handling.

My Features

  • I’m easy to operate.
  • I’m customisable.
  • I have professional level technology.
  • I have the finest milk foam
  • I have maximum cleanliness, all automatic

Is this compatible with the FoamMater?

Additional FoamMaster options for me are available. I can deliver incredible quality milk foam, every time- even during periods of high usage.

My Drink Selection

  • Ristretto | Espresso
  • Coffee | Café crème
  • Brewed coffee
  • Cappuccino | Latte macchiato
  • Chococcino
  • Hot Chocolate
  • Hot milk
  • Hot milk foam
  • Milk foam
  • Hot water
  • Steam

Available in the Express HUB

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