Franke A200 Coffee Machine

The Franke A200 is a masterpiece of Swiss engineering with a premium look and feel, this machine will enchant your staff and guests with its authentic aroma and perfectly poured crema. With two precision bean grinders, the Franke A200 invites you to choose from two types of bean for added enjoyment. Due to its compact dimensions, this machine is the ideal solution for businesses who are limited on space.

  • 2 precision bean grinders
  • 8 uniquely defined products
  • Compact dimensions
  • Height-adjustable beverage spout
  • Standby timer (optimised power consumption)
  • Compatible with Franke FoamMaster
  • Integrated cleaning process (FM)
  • Express Hub compatible
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Simple yet customisable, this sophisticated coffee machine allows you to configure your very own personalised drinks menu with an easy-to-follow on screen guide. The machine components work together seamlessly, from the generously sized bean-hopper to the rotary controls. Every detail has been designed and redesigned to ensure that optimum performance is guaranteed.

Operation of the Franke A200 follows an intuitive logic and the cleaning process is represented pictorially, step by step. The A200 can also provide milk foam options when connected to the innovative Franke FoamMaster – an advanced milk system that allows for hand-made, automatic or individually adjusted foam consistency.

The FoamMaster addition ensures safe and practical handling at all times due to the integrated sensor and automatic cleaning cartridge. This optional unit adheres to the highest level of cleanliness thanks to specially designed milk and coffee cleaning agents – the cleaning process also runs fully independently, returning to standby mode when finished.

Drink Selection:

  • Ristretto | Espresso
  • Coffee | Café Créme
  • Cappuccino | Latte
  • Chococcino
  • Hot Chocolate
  • Hot and Cold Milk
  • Hot Water & Steam

Available in the Express HUB

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