Festival Cold Food Machine (8 & 10 Drum)

Offer more than just cans of drink and chocolate bars. With the Festival food vending machine, you can supply your customers with a huge range of products: from yoghurts and crisps, to sandwiches and fruit.

  • Capacity for up to 150 individual items
  • 8-10 drums
  • Serves fresh food, drinks and snacks
  • Express Hub compatible
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The perfect solution for providing chilled food, snacks and treats, the Festival is a simple and flexible machine that can adapt to any requirements. It’s easily refilled, simple to programme, and easy to clean. You can guarantee that all served food is hygienic and safe, thanks to a safety cut out feature. If the set temperature fails in any way, no products will be vended.

The Festival comes in different sizes, meaning you can adapt the vending machine to your exact requirements, and the space you have available. You can provide all sorts of food – from plated meals to packaged sandwiches, and it has capacity for up to 150 items.

Prices are easy to set, and are displayed electronically, enhancing the overall style of the machine.

Serving fresh food, drinks and snacks, the Festival is the ideal vending machine for any location.


» Modern design enhanced by electronic displays and a back-lit photographic panel

» User friendly direct selection buttons with automatic compartment sliders

» 8 or 10 drum models available

» Up to 150 selections can be presented at any one time

» Baguettes (up to 270mm in length) can be presented using minimal space

» Complementary range of snack, drink, and can vendors are available

Available in the Express HUB

Revolutionary new micro market refreshment solution

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