Festival Cold Food Machine (8 & 10 Drum)




Festival Cold Food Machine (8 & 10 Drum)

Meet Festival!

I have capacity for up to 150 individual items, so you can always find what you're craving. With fresh food, drinks and snacks I am the perfect machine, busting with choice.

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My Features

  • Direct selection buttons
  • Present up to 150 selections
  • Range of snacks, drinks and cans
  • Modern design enhanced by electronic displays and a back-lit photographic panel
  • 8 or 10 drum models available
  • Baguettes (up to 270mm in length) can be presented using minimal space

About Me

I can offer you more than just cans of drink and chocolate bars. I have the features to supply you with a huge range of products from yoghurts and crisps, to sandwiches and fruit. I’m extremely flexible and can adapt to all of your requirements. I’m easy to fill, simple to programme, and easy to clean.

I can provide all sorts of food- from plated meals to packaged sandwiches and I have a capacity for up to 150 items.

I am the ideal food vending machine for any location!




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Frequently Asked Questions
What sizes do you come in?

I come in a variety of sizes, which means I can adapt to meet your exact requirements and the space you have available.

How easy are you to use?

I am extremely user-friendly. My prices are easy to set and are displayed electronically, enhancing my overall style!