Coffetek Zen Coffee Machine




Coffetek Zen Coffee Machine

Say hello to Zen!

I care about the environment, saving up to 35% in energy consumption. If you want great tasting coffee, with a small footprint, I'm the machine for you.

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My Features

  • Compatible with Distance Selection technology.
  • In-Touch User Interface
  • Advanced economy feature
  • Foodies Compatible

About Me

I am the environmentally friendly coffee machine, saving up to 35% in energy consumption. Not only this, I have an automatic cup dispense system and sensor, ensuring you can use your own cup, reducing the usage of plastic and paper cups.

All my drinks are brewed to perfection using innovative technology, paired with my easy-to-use, sleek design.

No frills, no fuss. I allow customers to simply touch the drink you want and it’s ready in an instant.

My Drink Selection

  • Zen SFBT
  • Fresh Leaf Tea
  • Instant Coffee
  • Cappuccino – Instant
  • Espresso – Instant
  • Caffe Latte – Instant
  • Caffe Mocha – Instant
  • Chocolate
  • Chocomilk
  • Hot Water
  • Zen Espresso
  • Fresh Bean to Cup
  • Coffee
  • Fresh Leaf Tea
  • Cappuccino – Beans
  • Espresso – Beans
  • Caffe Latte – Beans
  • Caffe Mocha – Beans
  • Chocolate
  • Chocomilk
  • Hot Water




Coins and Notes
Our machines are configured as standard
All Major Cards
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Mobile Device Payment
Compatible with our cashless readers
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Frequently Asked Questions
How many configurations do you have?

I am available with 2 configurations: single fresh brew tea, or espresso with leaf tea. I also have the ability to add an extra shot to any drink.