Coffetek Vitro S1 Coffee Machine

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I'm perfect for smaller locations offering a space saving solution. I may be small but I'm powerful, offering excellent quality with every cup.

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About Me

I am the ideal choice for small offices around the country. I am a specialist in  the art of espresso making, opening the door to new flavours. I am enhanced with AquaAroma filters from Brita to improve the coffee quality and taste.

Thanks to my compact, intuitive nature, I am extremely easy to use and maintain. My interactive display indicates when my coffee and water levels are low and my graphics system is simple to change.

My Features

  • I am easy to operate.
  • I am a compact size.
  • I have a wide variety of quality drinks.
  • My sleek, simple design
  • I’m easy to refill
  • I have easy disposal of coffee grounds through removable drip tray

My Optional Extras

» Base cabinet

» Base cabinet with cup holder and coin validator

» Coin validator kit

» Waste Solutions

» Cup and sugar holder kit

Can I personalise you? 

I have a number of options when it comes to personalisation. You can choose my popular free-vend setting, my cup and sugar holder and a recharge card, or all 3!

My Drink Selection

  • Espresso
  • Americano
  • Cappuccino
  • Caffe Latte
  • Chocolate
  • Chocolatte
  • Cortado

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