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The line between business and pleasure has become more blurred with most companies introducing flexible working. A lot of us are between home and the office, which means our personal and professional stresses can overlap.

April is anti-stress month, which is the perfect opportunity to make sure you are doing all you can to help your employees manage stress.

Focusing on employee’s wellbeing not only reduces stress but can improve productivity. You can understand your employees’ challenges and adapt your workplace to support them as well as create an environment that is as flexible as their new working pattern.

“Offering flexible working to employees can boost morale and improve their physical and mental well-being. When staff members work from home, they are likely to be less tired and better rested, reducing the risks of fatigue, burnout and stress that can be the result of a toxic workplace culture.” [1].

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Reimagining your workplace

The structured 9-5 office hours are a thing of the past.

We now understand, more than ever, that working around your employees’ lives make for a more productive workplace.

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You have the opportunity to modernise your workplace and create a flexible 24/7 environment. Working with, not against your team.

24/7 Solutions

You don’t have to compromise on offering refreshment and catering for you employees, just because their hours vary.

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You can offer a hassle free, 24/7, self-serve solution that provides your staff with high-quality food and drink. A solution that’s going to suit your employees coming in and out of the workplace, at any time.

Not only are you taking away the worry of not being able to access food, but you also take away the stress with a self-serve, hygienic alternative to traditional catering.

The Express HUB Micro Market is simple to use and serves multiple people quickly, making it ideal for busy commercial premises. Available anytime, the HUB is the ideal way to make sure your employees are catered for, worry-free.

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Benefits of the HUB:

Revolutionary workplace refreshment solution

A hygienic contactless alternative to traditional catering

Increases employee engagement and productivity.

Broad product range, catering to all tastes

24/7 access to quality food and drink



If you want to support your employees with refreshment, reach out today. Our experienced account managers are here to help you find your ideal solution.


Written by Grace Warren, Inbound Marketing Co Ordinator





[2] ].

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