Employee vending machine benefits

While adding a vending machine to your office does have its immediate and obvious benefits, such as added convenience and low overheads, there are a number of advantages that wouldn’t typically come to mind when exploring various vending solutions for your business. As odd as it may sound, a vending machine can help motivate staff and positively impact the efficiency of the company. They are incredibly low maintenance, eliminating the need for staff that would otherwise be required for a canteen, and only need to be restocked and maintained every so often.

Staff Satisfaction

The initial impact a vending machine may have on your company is clear from the offset; happier employees. Staff will be appreciative that the company has their best interests in mind, and adding a convenient and accessible source of food and drink helps create a happy and efficient working environment.


While there may be a buzz initially due to the novelty factor, you’ll find that a vending machine acts as a hub for social meeting and office interaction, helping strengthen relationships and contributing to employee satisfaction.


Low Overheads

One of the main attractions of a vending machine is how low maintenance they are, which in turn lowers overheads. Unlike a canteen there are no staff requirements, which means you don’t have to deal with unexpected staff sick days, and a machine will happily work 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.


Healthy Options

A vending machine is often associated with chocolate bars, sweets, crisps and sugary drinks, and while it’s fine to offer these to your employees, there is no reason why you can’t stock it with healthier options. Those who work full time will know that it can be hard to juggle every day responsibilities and maintain a healthy diet, often opting for quick and easy grab and go food.


Staff will be appreciative of the fact that the company is promoting a healthy workplace, and that nutritious food is up for grabs throughout the day. Better still, you could opt for a 50/50 vending machine that stocks healthy snacks as well as chocolate and crisps, ensuring you’re catering to all staff requirements.


Keeps Staff Onsite

Having onsite food and drink eliminates the need for employees to venture away from work premises, helping them maintain their focus and streamline their working day. It goes without saying that you shouldn’t discourage staff from leaving the office if they so desire, but you may find that a vending machine is a welcomed convenience.

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