How you approach sustainability, independently or as a business, can have a huge effect on the planet. It’s important for you to understand the impact your organization has and how you can positively contribute to a greener future.

Living in a fragile world our efforts to source ethical products can be the driving force to a better, brighter tomorrow. We want to support you in making the decisions and share our efforts in building more sustainable refreshment industry.

Making the right choice

As a business, you try to make the right decisions for your employees and customers wherever possible.  A sustainable approach is an outlook where you are promoting your company’s ethics and making the right choices for the planet and people in it.

It’s no secret that there are many, and often confusing, options when it comes to your organisation’s refreshment facilities. Under the huge umbrella of choice is also the consideration that you’re choosing a partner with sustainable and ethical products.

You pay a lot of attention to what you put in your body regarding health benefits, but do you take the time to care about the journey from farm to fork?

We work with Nestle, with plans such as Nestle Cocoa Plan, which aims to improve the profitability and sustainability of farms. They also focus on advancing the social conditions for local people and develop sustainable supplies of high-quality cocoa.

Starbucks | We Proudly Serve

We are proud to partner with brands such as Starbucks who are champions in sustainability.

Our partner recognises the responsibility they have when it comes to ethically sourcing products and protecting the environment. Starbucks Global Social Impact Report focuses on 3 areas critical to where they can have the most impact, one being ‘leading in sustainability’.

Since the beginning in 1971, Starbucks have always been about quality coffee and passionately delivering ethically sourced Arabica beans.


This year, Starbucks celebrates their 50th anniversary and they are using this milestone to release 3 targets to reach in the next decade:

  • 50% reduction in waste sent to landfills.
  • 50% carbon emissions reduction.
  • 50% of water used in operations to be conserved or replenished. [3].

With our We-Proudly-Serve solution, you can be apart of the change and a more sustainable future while enjoy high-street quality coffee.

This revolutionary concept provides:


  • Premium self-serve beverages.
  • Authentic Starbucks experience for the workplace.
  • The safety & productivity of staff remaining on-site during coffee & tea breaks.
  • Range of Starbucks recipes to enjoy.
  • A great place to work.


If you want to empower sustainability within your organisation, our refreshment specialists are on hand to guide you to the best solution for your business needs.

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By Grace Warren, Marketing Co-Ordinator 






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