Do you feel you create a supportive work environment? Do you feel there is more you can be doing?

Support in the workplace can have a huge effect on your employee’s well-being and productivity. As it’s Anti-bullying week, we wanted to share how you can create a positive and supportive culture for your team.

Not only is it important this week, but in this time of uncertainty, it is crucial that your employees feel they can be open with how they’re feeling.

We have 3 tips to ensure your staff and colleagues feel reassured, supported, and motivated.


1. Foster a culture of open communication

First and foremost, you need to ensure your staff feels comfortable when speaking about any issue they may be facing. This could be anything from bullying to the impact lockdown restrictions might be having on them and their ability to work.

If you feel you can openly air your concerns and opinions at work, this honest communication leads to a strong team foundation [2].

Everyone wants to feel heard, especially when it comes to something that could impact your mental health and wellbeing. Most of the world’s population (58%) spend one-third of their adult life at work [3], and if you feel like you can’t speak up or be honest here, the impact could be huge.

There are many ways to nurture a sense of communication in the office, such as encouraging open conversation or taking the time to speak one to one with others, even casually over a coffee.  

Due to Covid-19, you may feel the restrictions are impacting your ability to empower the art of open conversation. Ensure you and other members of your team are reaching out to one another, whether that be a quick message on Microsoft Teams or a virtual lunch break together.

Building a foundation of trust allows everyone to feel comfortable and will benefit your productivity. Many studies have shown there’s a 2.7% to 8.6% increase in productivity when staff feels in control of their comfort [4].


2. Inform & educate your teams

Bullying in the workplace can have a huge impact on your mental health. Training your employees is a step in the right direction to allow everyone to feel supported.

It’s crucial to understand the difference between workplace harassment and bullying and understanding how you can coach those identified as bullies.

By taking the time to educate and inform your staff, it becomes easier and more manageable to recognise possible harmful behaviours.

There are various courses available to raise awareness of bullying and harassment, along with mental health training.

Bullying and Harassment:

Training your staff in mental health also has benefits to ensure your employees feel reassured through this pandemic. If more people feel educated on the subject, you can feel confident when approaching members of your team to check-in or talk them through anything they may need support with.

Mind UK is an extremely important partner of ours doing excellent work to support people struggling with their mental health.


3. Positivity = Productivity

When an employee is suffering from bullying, it can dramatically affect their productivity and willingness to work. They are likely to start displaying unhappy, unmotivated, and distracted behaviour [5].

There are so many aspects at this time that can lead to a strain on your attitude. Bullying can cause your employees to have a negative outlook, as well as the current lockdown situation.

It becomes easy to let negative thoughts and emotions get on top of you at the moment, but it’s your responsibility to ensure you’re having a positive influence on your staff.

The world we currently live in can cause all of us to feel stressed. Having a positive attitude and feeling happy at work keeps those stress levels down, allowing you to thrive in your career. A positive outlook improves your energy levels, better equipping you to complete your tasks [6].


Break areas add to the positive mindset of your staff. Somewhere such as the Express HUB allows you to step back and take a moment for yourself.

Equipped with distance selection coffee machines and self-serve kiosks, your safety is one less thing to worry about.

Remember it is important to look after each other now and in the future. Creating a safe and supportive workplace is the way forward to welcoming your staff back into the office.



Find out more about COVID-safe refreshment solutions here:

Or contact a member of our team to speak through how the Express HUB can benefit you and your team on 0808 115 8751.


Written by Grace Warren, Inbound Marketing Co Ordinator 








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