Working from home has been a challenge for some and a breeze for others, finding that 88% of those who worked from home during lockdown want the WFH dynamic to continue. [1].

With some returning to the workplace, full or part-time, one thing everyone is adapting to is the work from home and office balance.

Juggling two working environments can have an impact on your wellbeing, from regular breaks and routine to your diet and nutrition. Finding the sweet spot between the two will allow you to feel more motivated and productive.

Home comforts

In April, 46.6% of employed individuals worked some of the time from home and 86% of these homeworkers did so due to Coronavirus. [2].

With no morning commute or in-person meetings, you have more time in your working day to utilise. Using these extra hours to complete tasks is great, but remember to use it to take care of yourself.

It has been found that regular breaks can reduce stress and maintain productivity throughout your day.[3]. These breaks include getting away from your screen, exercise, and taking a lunch break.

Your lunch break at home can be a blessing or a curse on your productivity. Taking the time to think about your diet choices can affect the rest of your day.

Snacking from a fully stocked fridge can be tempting, but if done right it can be beneficial. Eating small and often throughout the day maintains your glucose and sustains your motivation.[4]

Wellness boxes are a great alternative than preparing yourself, which can be delivered straight to your door (or office). A ready-made balanced diet in a box, what more could you ask for on a busy day?

Back to office life 

A recent study found that although more than a quarter of people said they had gotten more done while working from home, 30% said their productivity had fallen.[5].

With social distancing and hygiene and safety equipment in place, the return to the workplace has been made COVID-compliant so you can smoothly transition to more office-based work.

Balancing your routine between home and work is where the challenge is. It’s time to ensure you continue your routine and take time for your lunch and social breaks to boost productivity.

Being away from the many options of your fully stocked cupboards may mean lunch becomes a second thought. You may not have had time to prep, so you rely on what your workplace has to offer

Catering is no longer the most suitable option for the modern world of flexible workplaces, therefore the choice of a refreshment solution HUB becomes invaluable.

With a wide range of products 24 hours, it brings the choice of your home (and more) to your office.

Being able to socialise with co-workers has it’s benefits for your wellbeing and improves the work dynamic.

The joy of being at home is the ability to get on with independent work but the risk of feeling isolated is something that can affect your work. Loneliness and detachment have a direct impact on performance, engagement, and wellbeing. [6].

Enjoying a social lunch environment (socially distanced of course) like a HUB encourages social interaction and collaboration.


If you want to know even more about refreshment solutions, wellness boxes or office delivery, contact us here.

If you need any further tips on your wellbeing or mental health in and out of the office, our partners at Mind UK are always there to help and provide valuable insights.


Written by Grace Warren, Inbound Marketing Co-Ordinator










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