Technology enables us to do so much more, rethink the way we do things and develop what we already have. Combing refreshment and technology means you can have ease, security, and safety in the palm of your hand.

We’ve broken down the 4 products that are powered by technology as well as their benefits.


  1. Contact-Free Coffee Machines

distance selection coffee machines

We understand that heading back to the office can cause you to worry about the added risks. We’ve all got comfortable working at home, especially when it comes to knowing we’re the only one touching and using the amenities.

A recent poll of 1,000 working adults, conducted by YouGov, found that 44 per cent reported feeling anxious about the prospect of going back to work because of the health risks posed by Covid-19.

How can you be sure that the machines you’re all using are hygienic?

Well, that’s where our contact-free coffee machines using Distance Selection technology come in.

You don’t have to miss out on your favourite hot drink, just because you may be nervous about unnecessary touch points. Distance Selection technology allows you to choose your drink by hovering your finger over your selection (and works from up to 2cm away!).



You don’t have to compromise on quality either as our technology is available in a range of machines. You can find your ideal machine, that will fit your space and requirements.

  1. MicroMarkets

Express HUB

Workplace catering was turned on its head during the Coronavirus pandemic.

With employees’ hours changing and flexible working being the new normal, an alternative to catering is a must. You need something to suit the comings and goings of your team, with the peace of mind that you’re meeting all the health and safety requirements.

As of 2021, almost 4 million people in the United Kingdom were on flexi-time employment contracts, compared with 3.2 million in 2013.[1]

A 24/7 self-serve solution, such as the Express HUB, can provide you with round the clock refreshment, variety and safety.

The MicroMarket concept is easy to use and allows your employees to stay on-site during lunch breaks with a range of food, snacks and hot drinks.

Combined with the self-serve kiosks and contactless payment systems, your staff can help themselves and curve that craving whenever they need too!


  1. Smart Vending

Smart Vending Fridges

Out with old vending and in with the smart.

Do you ever get fed up with not being able to select multiple items from a vending machine, or not being able to physical hold the item before you buy?

Combining mobile app & contactless payment technology with vending provides ultimate ease. You have the freedom to physically pick your items out from the fridge and take multiple items in one transaction.

The security factor is one of the biggest selling points for these fridges, if you don’t have capacity for a full MicroMarket. Linked with your card, mobile app or wallet, the Smart Fridge is linked to your account.

You can open the fridge after scanning the QR code, browse the items and you’ll only be charged for what you take with you.

This concept gives you a self-serve shopping experience while remaining a space saving option.


  1. Foodies hot steam solution

Foodies Steam

Because hot food makes the digestion process run smoother, nutrients from hot food are more easily absorbed.[2]

Your employees no longer need to look around for hot food outside the company.

With no staff or kitchen required, the self-serve hot steam solution means your teams can enjoy hot, healthy and quality food in 30 seconds at a touch of a button! This technology not only acts fast but the QR code selects the heating program automatically.

Not only can you get delicious food, but you know the products include animal welfare meats, free- range eggs and vegetarian & vegan options.

Our hot steam solution brings passion for premium food and next level technology together.

If you’d like to find out more about our hot food solution you can reach out to our team today.



Written by Grace Warren, Inbound Marketing Co-Ordinator 




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