As restrictions continue to ease across the UK, you may be worried about heading back to the office.

We’ve all become used to our home comforts and the control we have over our personal space.

So how do you approach bringing your employees back, whether full-time or hybrid between home and the office?

Refreshments & Employee Perks

Workplace refreshments and employee perks may come as a second thought, but the correlation with food and employee engagement speaks for itself.

The great thing is, food perks are such an easy concept to apply in your workplace.

There are so many options and technology driven ideas that can suit any of your requirements or size.

Modern office space

You may be thinking, I want to offer my employees the perks of food in the office but how do I do this safely and keep it flexible with their varying hours?

The answer: MicroMarkets.

The self-serve, 24/7 concept, allows your staff to have access to a variety of snacks, food and drinks with total ease.

Express HUB

There’s no need for you to worry about the varied hours of your teams or their safety, as this hygienic solution caters to everyone.

Our Express HUB MicroMarket is simple to use and serves multiple people quickly. Staff can remain on site during breaks and meal times which limits their need to head to the High Street. You’ll have access to high quality food and drink in your office whenever you want it.

The added bonus to having food at your fingertips is that you can supply your staff with personalised company cards. You can top them up and even apply company discounts.

Treats at home

Did you know you can give your employees snack and wellness boxes delivered straight to their door?

Even if your staff aren’t back full time, they still may be facing anxieties about their new way of working. By providing food perks at home, you’re able to look out for all your employees.

Our Everyday Essentials team can handle everything to help you reach out to your employees even when they’re remote.

A great benefit of engaging with remote members of staff is that it can combat loneliness. One of the challenges people have faced while working from home is that they are not seeing their colleagues as much and the social aspect of work is lacking.

We can help supply snack box options to your door, including sweet, savoury, protein and vegan choices. This is a great addition to your employee’s wellness programme which can boost mood and moral in an instant.

We work with great partners such as Snackfully to delivery snack boxes, with a variety of well-known brands directly to your office or employees’ homes.

You can customise your boxes and they can also do themed snacks for example for International Women’s day, which were all female owned brands.

Space isn’t everything 

You don’t need to worry if you’re limited on space because it doesn’t mean you have to limit what you can offer.

We have alternative options to the MicroMarket if space is something you’re conscious of.

Smart Vending is utilising new technology and bringing vending into the 21st century. This space saving solution allows you to scan your payment or mobile app, open a fridge door and easily browse a variety of food and drink options.

You can physically discover all the refreshments provided and will only be charged for what you take with you. Not only is this an extremely secure solution it’s another self-serve hygienic concept suited to the varying hours of your staff.


All these concepts take away the worry of what food and drink options are provided, regardless of how many people are in the office.

Not only this, but the impact food perks have on employee’s positivity means it can combat some anxieties they may be facing.

It’s important to still remember that this isn’t the solution to all anxieties and with more people returning to the office, continue to foster that culture of open communication.

Our experience Account Mangers would be happy to guide you through any of these options. If you’d like to know more contact us today.


Written by Grace Warren, Inbound Marketing Coordinator



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