Workplace happiness is something we all want to boost, wherever possible. Positivity at work directly affects well-being, productivity, and innovation. [1]

As Saturday is International Day of Happiness, we wanted to share the importance of workplace refreshment and the direct impact this has on your employee’s wellbeing.

Happiness & Productivity

Your staff’s happiness can lead to more enthusiastic and committed attitudes. A study into happiness and productivity found that workers are 13% more productive when happy. [2].

Your employees are a crucial asset ensuring your business runs smoothly, so their happiness and attitude to work can directly affect your success.

Wellbeing and physical health play’s a huge part in how your staff approach their work. Company’s which invest in wellbeing and health schemes, benefit in a variety of ways.

Perkbox found that poor mental health costs employers between £33 billion and £42 billion a year and physical wellbeing like exercise can help employees feel happier, more energised, and on top of their game. [4].

Refreshment with a smile

staff in micro market

The inexpensive perk of food and drink in the workplace can help a company attract and keep top talent, encourage employees to collaborate more effectively as well as elevate a company’s culture. [5].

Providing office refreshment brings many benefits but one you may not realise is the impact it can have on your employee’s happiness. Not only is it about the choice of food and drink but also the environment in which they’re presented.

If you are looking to offer food and drink you need to ensure you are offering variety to meet the needs of your teams.

Concepts such as the Express HUB, offer a breakout area, a self-serve concept where your staff can find anything to fulfil their craving.

Not only will your staff be able to safely & hygienically purchase a wide range of food, drinks, and snacks, they can take advantage of the break area the HUB supplies.

This area will allow your team to step away from their screens, collaborate and communicate with fellow employees as well as taking a step back from the daily stresses.

A study showed that taking a lunch break increases levels of energy at work and decreases exhaustion. [7]

Not only does offering a variety aid your staff’s wellbeing, so does healthy alternatives. The Express HUB’s product line includes lots of healthy snacks and drinks to curb those cravings. We also offer an office fruit delivery service through our Everyday Essentials department.

Eating fruits can produce a calming effect, creates more energy, and increases overall happiness, according to the British Journal of Health Psychology.


If you want to boost your employees’ moods with refreshment, reach out today. Our experienced account managers are here to help you find your ideal solution.

Written by Grace Warren, Inbound Marketing Co Ordinator










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