This festive season will be a unique experience for everyone. On average, 4.25 million Brits travel abroad for Christmas [1], so this year, being at home will be quite different.

We have pulled together some tips and tricks as to how you can make Halloween and Christmas 2020 holidays to remember.

Have a Happy Halloween…

Unfortunately, this year may feel more like a trick than a treat but don’t fear as there is still plenty to do this spooky season.

Did you know that being scared can sometimes improve your mood and make you feel more positive? Research has shown that following a scary experience (like a film) people were left feeling more relaxed and happier. [2] 

Dressing up and eating junk food is what Halloween is all about. How about a virtual movie night with your colleagues, dressed up in your best costumes, and filling up on treats?!

Our Everyday Essentials team can provide Halloween snack bags that can be delivered directly to your staff’s homes.

You may not be able to head out with the kids for Trick or Treating this year, but why not do something a little different? You could hide sweets and goodies around the house for everyone to find, think of it as a spooky Easter egg hunt.

& a Merry Christmas…

Christmas is right around the corner, and this year, it’s certainly going to be a unique one!

 We may not be partying this year but remember that doesn’t mean you can’t treat your staff and show them your appreciation after a, quite frankly, tough 2020.

 Our Everyday Essentials team is offering Christmas gifts from hampers to snack boxes that can be delivered directly to your employee’s homes.

Christmas is all about those comfort foods, so how about setting yourself a challenge to cook or bake something for your family or friends.

With this time at home, you have the opportunity to try something new, and we all know this time of year is the time to indulge.

Our Everyday Essentials team is offering a  DIY Christmas cook-a-long from home. You can test you and your team’s cooking skills with a cook-a-long challenge where we will deliver the food to cook a delicious meal for 2 guided by a chef!  

You may even get the chance to go out for a meal over the Christmas break, and remember this is an opportunity to help the hospitality industry.

Christmas is certainly the time of year to give back, and we all know 2020 has been a challenge for everyone. Hospitality Action’s new campaign is about buying a portion of nothing with their invisible chips [3].

When you order a portion of invisible chips you are helping to support the hospitality industry by making a small donation, their chips are 0% fat 100% charity.


If you want to find out about any of of Everyday Essentials offers click here, where you can download the full Christmas brochure.

Written by Grace Warren, Inbound Marketing Co-Ordinator 






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