As the Olympic Games drew to a finish in the spectacular that was the Closing Ceremony, we celebrated astonishing sporting achievements and the swelling pride of a nation as Team GB stood adorned with an incredible 65 medals. We also celebrated a job well done, as not only did we put on an amazing show, but businesses throughout London and the surrounding areas, such as Express Vending, successfully dealt with enormous pressure and tricky logistical problems.

London’s public transport network encountered record numbers of passengers as spectators made their way to the Games. The London Underground saw its 3 busiest days in history, peaking at 4.4 million tube users on the 3rd August, the first day of the athletics. For Express Vending, who have over 50% of their client base in London, the main problem they faced was still being able to get to their customers as temporary road restrictions, combined with an increased number of road users, promised extremely busy routes and locations which would be much harder to access.

As such, Express took great measures to construct comprehensive solutions and contingency plans to ensure that they could maintain their commitment to customer satisfaction and the high level of service their clients have come to expect. Their plans included hiring a fleet of motorbikes, undertaking overnight deliveries and utilising their dedicated staff to their utmost ability to make sure that their customers’ vending machines were filled, cleaned and functioning flawlessly.

Almost unbelievably, everything went to plan and Express managed to conduct business as normal thanks to their thorough and exhaustive plans. Speaking about the travel disruption during the Olympic Games, Trevor Bullock, Service Manager at Express Vending, said:

“We put in place a robust and detailed plan to cope with the expected traffic and travel congestion in London during the Olympic period. Due to this plan, we have managed to meet and exceed our clients’ expectations throughout the Olympic period, without compromising on our service levels.’’

Though not all travel plans in the city were as successful – there were numerous reports of severe public transport delays and heavy traffic between and around the Olympic venues, and signalling faults at King’s Cross caused travel chaos as services were suspended for almost an hour on the morning of the 5th August – but the team at Express Vending can give themselves a well-deserved pat on the back as their plans were successful.

So now they can all breathe out a collective sigh of relief – and catch up on some sleep – before doing it all over again in two weeks’ time for the Paralympic Games! Let’s hope that the second instalment of London 2012 is as successful as the first, both for Express Vending and Team GB!

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