There’s no denying that we are a nation of coffee lovers, becoming ever more discerning about what we drink.


Today, coffee isn’t just a hot beverage, it’s a complete experience with its own culture. In fact, the UK coffee shop market increased by nearly 8 percent last year alone!


According to research, today’s consumers are getting their caffeine fix for a number of different reasons and not simply to get a quick energy boost to beat that mid-morning slump. 43 percent of coffee lovers cite indulgence for their caffeine fixation and 27 percent grab a coffee specifically to socialise and catch-up with friends and colleagues.


The rise of ‘coffee culture’ is also beginning to influence today’s modern workplace environment too. However, it doesn’t mean employees are asking for their offices to be turned into bespoke cafés!


It mainly reflects a shift away from the more traditional workspaces of previous generations, with many younger employees craving flexibility and convenience over higher salaries.


According to a report by Fidelity, millennials are willing to give up £5,800 per year, on average, for better work-life balance. When asked what was more important, 58 percent chose quality of life over financial benefits.


Long hours spent toiling away at a desk have been replaced by a desire for a better equilibrium between working hard and taking a moment to step back and appreciate life.


Younger employees tend to favour a more relaxed work environment with comfortable seating and opportunities for collaboration, which also have designated spaces with the option to work alone if needed.


With these preferences in mind, businesses are becoming, in part, inspired by a coffee shop culture, creating spaces with a mixture of tables, armchairs, counters, quiet areas, free Wi-Fi and access to premium refreshments like high-quality coffee.


Taking this approach is also a useful way of attracting new talent (as well as retaining your existing staff).


Indeed, there’s plenty of evidence to indicate the happier employees are at work, the more engaged and productive they become, as staff feel their company values them and is investing in their wellbeing.


Because coffee is an integral part of this workplace transformation, Express has collaborated with Starbucks to create a unique on the go service, allowing staff to remain on-site during coffee and tea breaks. This means they can enjoy the great taste and variety of Starbucks coffee from the comfort of their office.


High-quality, convenient coffee isn’t just a must-have for office workers though. Those who work in factories, laboratories, schools and other lines of work also need quality caffeine too.


While implementing a coffee culture might not be as simple to replicate across factory floors and laboratories, it can still be successfully achieved in break rooms on a smaller scale.


As our tastes continue to become more sophisticated, premium coffee at work will no longer be deemed an optional luxury. In fact, it’s becoming an essential part of business culture, which will show your organisation has its finger on the pulse when it comes to meeting employees’ expectations now and in the future.


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