Nothing divides offices quite like the unending war of snide remarks between ‘Coffee people’ and their tea consuming contemporaries. While one side jumps and screams, the other takes a slower, milkier approach to office politics.


Thousands of hot drinks are swung and slammed down on desks every day, as the two sides stretch out the debate in the name of the only thing they can agree on: the need for frequent refreshment breaks. It’s only a matter of time before the paper aeroplanes start flying and, perhaps worse yet, the passive-aggressive post-it notes begin arriving on desks.


Amongst it all, those ‘not really into hot drinks’ cower next to the watercooler, quietly longing for summer’s swift return.


In war the first casualty is truth, which is why Express Vending have searched, scoured, and scouted out the truth behind the disinformation your colleagues in the opposing camp have no doubt been spouting.

So whether it’s geographical domination, relative costs, health benefits, or cultural practices; here’s a wide variety of facts and figures you can bend to your whim and bolster your argument with.


Just remember, when the sips are down and you’re out-gunned, even biscuit dippers are viable beverage buddies.


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