Your staff’s wellbeing & safety and office hygiene are top priorities.

Following the Coronavirus pandemic, you’ve had to rethink your office environment and adapt to ensure you are doing everything to protect your staff, clients and visitors.

One of the facilities you’ve had to consider is your office catering. How can you provide something that’s not only flexible for your new working hours, but still practical and safe?

Let us answer that for you.

Micro Markets, are designed specifically with your staff in mind, with an on-the-go, self-serve format, this innovative solution is the ideal choice for any business.

A frightening stat, but sadly true; the vending industry, like many others, has been hit hard by COVID-19. 74 Automatic Vending companies in the UK have been given a Danger rating in last year’s Plimsoll Ratings Analysis, with a further 39 being at risk of takeover.

Although this may seem scary, Selecta our parent company, have been able to go from strength-to-strength planning on dominating the industry in 2021.

With state-of-the-art technology such as Distance Selection coffee machines and Smart Fridges, our Micro Market solution is the future of vending and office catering.

What is a Micro Market?

Our technology

Distance Selection

distance selection coffee machines

This high-end technology can be incorporated straight into your Express HUB Micro Market. It allows you to select your barista-style hot drink by simply hovering your finger over the screen (from up to 2cm away!).

Distance Selection technology is revolutionary in cutting out unnecessary touch points.


Smart Fridges

The Smart Fridge is an alternative 24/7, self-serve concept that suits any location. By using your mobile app and contactless payment, the fridge unlocks allowing you to take any product you want as the scales register what you remove.

If you would like to know even more about the future of workplace refreshment and how Micro Markets are set to be the future of office catering, then download our full article here.

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