Tea and coffee are great. They both relax the body and sharpen the mind, preparing us for the daily challenges of office life. At Express Vending, tea and coffee are our bread and butter. (Note to self, look into fresh bread vending machines.)


But what if we told you that these scrumptious beverages had a plethora of other uses? From cleaning to cooking, from cosmetics to crafts, a vast library of alternative uses has been curated over the years by penny-saving pioneers and trend setting trail-blazers. We’ve filtered out the old wives’ tales to bring you thirty of the best household ‘hacks’.


Concerned caffeine heads need not get jumpy and anxious about their precious beans either. Many of the alternative uses we’ve featured only require spent teabags and coffee grounds, which we usually throw away without considering their post-drink usefulness.


You’ll note that ‘substitute ice hockey puck’ isn’t on the list for coffee grounds. During our extensive experimentation it just made a horrible mess, despite the deceptively similar resemblance crushed coffee grounds have to pucks.


Without further ado, here are thirty alternative uses for tea and coffee:


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