An interview with Paul Clements, HR & Operations Director of Crayon, uncovering why he feels his input in choosing the right refreshment solution for a business is so important to keep productivity and engagement levels high.

The interview was conducted by Amy Brown, Corporate Accounts Manager, Express Vending.

Why is providing great refreshments to staff so important for your business?

From a company perspective it’s key that we are able to offer cutting edge benefits for our employees. I believe that ensuring employees have access to refreshments is vital for their productivity.

Can you give me a little insight into why you opted to change/upgrade your refreshment provisions and the key people involved in the process?

From a business perspective, it’s always important to look at ensuring we have the most up-to-date products that we provide to both our customers and employees.. We decided to upgrade our coffee machines because we wanted to have the best on the market. The best coffee beans and the best machines to make the perfect cup of coffee for our staff! The key decision makers in the process were myself and a team of employees who drink coffee on a regular basis. I then engaged with the CEO for final approval.

I understand you took time to visit Express at our head office and had several meetings about finding the right solution, why was it so important to take time out of your diary to do that?

If you don’t get a chance to visit Express and actually see the range and services available, you’ll never know exactly what you’re looking to buy or the value of the products available. I personally wouldn’t go and buy a house myself unless I’d actually seen the house, or if I was planning on refurbishing the whole office, I’d like to see the office furniture before purchase.. It’s important to really look at, feel and try the product and have that whole first-hand experience before making a decision.

How did you find the process working with Express Vending?

We’ve been using Express for just over 5 years now, and I’ve found them to be a great, professional and friendly product-service delivery company. I’ve got over 25 years experience in customer service and account management and appreciate that it’s extremely important to build great rapport with customers. We’ve been very lucky and Express have provided us with an amazing account manager. We are consistently given a very good level of service by Express and any issues or challenges that we do face, our account manager is always able to resolve them straight away.

Would you recommend to other businesses that a Director or senior manager be involved in making the decisions regarding their refreshments solution?

It really depends on how the company is structured. For our organisation, I think it was really important that a Senior Director was involved in the refreshment solution provisions for staff. We did a lot of research into coffee and vending solutions before we purchased from Express and it was extremely important to get the correct buy-in

One a scale of 1-5 how would you rate how happy you are with the refreshment options Express supply?

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