Dispensing fresh milk at the touch of a button enables you to create your favourite coffees, from creamy lattes to frothy cappuccinos.

Access to high quality drinks in an office is important, which is why we provide premium fresh milk coffee machines with milk frothers to satisfy the needs of your staff and clients. All of these machines are equipped with milk fridges, offering a range in capacity and an easy user-friendly cleaning system to give you peace of mind. No more trips back and forth to the fridge while making your favourite drink!

The advantage of using fresh milk and having a coffee machine with a milk steamer is found in the extensive range of drinks on offer. Hot and cold milk drink options are available, flavoured with delicious syrups and chocolate, the possibilities really are endless!

These machines come in a variety of sizes and styles making them suitable for any office requirement. No matter how many drinks you need to serve, Express Vending will deliver the best coffee machine with a milk frother to meet your needs.

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