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We are the UK’s leading vending supplier and the fasted growing refreshment solution provider in the country.

We are our people. We take pride in our team and the outstanding work they do that makes us the award-winning provider we are.

We are a company who believes in the training and development of our staff to ensure we deliver excellence.


Training and development

 We firmly believe that providing quality training and development builds a better business. We offer a number of programmes and opportunities to existing, and potential, employees and encourage career development.

We have an established and very successful Graduate Sales Programme that aims to encourage young people leaving university to join us.

This programme has grown from strength to strength and in 2019/20 we were voted one of the top 100 companies for graduates to work for coming first in our sector, consumer goods, by The Job Crowd.

We offer continuing professional development (CPD) opportunities to our staff and consider courses colleagues may wish to study. We also encourage staff to volunteer their time and allow paid time off to volunteer for not-for-profits and charitable causes.

Our Promise

  • We promise to promote and engage healthier lifestyles.

We believe it is important to provide machines and services with a range of products. We offer you healthy alternatives to your snack and vending machines along with all information on ingredients and nutritional value.

  • We promise to Reduce, Reuse & Recycle

We manage waste in a safe and secure way and are compliant with recent legislation, directives, regulations, and requirements.

Across all our offices and depots, we have recycling facilities.

Paper cups are recycled by specialist collection services and are used for incineration to generate heating and electricity.

Aluminium cans and plastic bottles are crushed and disposed of by Express Vending through recycle systems by expert companies.

Our machines have ‘sleep mode’ facilities that can be set easily to turn on and off at required times, thus conserving energy.

  • We promise to support our community

We are proud to actively support several charities. Each year we donate to three partner charities and help them through donations, fundraising and volunteering.

You can find out more about the work we do and our charity partners here

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Hear from our team

‘I joined the business in 2001 straight out of university. I saw the business as a great small entrepreneurial business with massive ambitions for growth. I wanted to be part of that, and to be instrumental in the growth. Looking back, we’ve doubled the size of the business and I’ve developed countless skills in both running and growing a business.  I feel that the opportunities that we are able to offer young, ambitious grads through our dedicated training and development is truly unique and delivers to young people the opportunity to not only earn, but more importantly, to learn.’

Paul Hearne, Managing Director of Selecta UK & IE


‘Having studied an arts degree I was keen to join a company where the Grad scheme would give me a thorough grounding in sales and marketing and allow me to flourish. Express attracted me as it seemed to offer immense exposure to many industries through my role and the chance to take on real responsibility soon after recruitment. As soon as I started it become very obvious that if you grasp the opportunities and deliver results, you can really accelerate your career development. I have become extremely passionate about working for a growing company that work with market leaders to help them attract, retain and engage the best workforce and I am incredibly proud to be a part of this philosophy. Two years after joining I’m a Sales Manager responsible for the recruitment, training, development and ultimately performance of a team of 6 Account Managers, it’s certainly demanding but really fulfilling. I look back on my time here and I’m astonished at how quickly everything has happened.’

Georgia, Sales Manager


‘Keep on knocking!’ In 2017 I made a change in my career and I was unsure where this was going to take me. I didn’t know much about vending, I’d never seen the inside of a coffee machine, but I was very curious. This, together with my fast learning skills matched the high level of training and support offered by Express. Everything just clicked. After just 2 months of being in the Retail Merchandiser role I was promoted to a Senior Retail Merchandiser. I wanted more, I wanted the Area Manager role, so I kept pushing my limits. I came up with many ideas, I pushed the hardest, and eventually after 14 more months I reached my goal. Several months later I’m still learning how to improve my communication and leadership skills, but I’m getting constant support which builds my confidence. In times where I thought of giving up on my journey the thing that kept me going were the words from my Regional Manager ‘Keep on knocking!’

Alexandru, Retail Area Manager


If you are interested in finding out about how to join our team, click here.

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