Sustainable Products

We like to know where products for the vending machines come from and how they are sourced.  We are proud to supply a wide range of Fairtrade and UTZ certified products produced by Nestlé.

Nestlé Cocoa Plan aims to improve the profitability and sustainability of farms, advance the social conditions for local people and develop sustainable supplies of high quality cocoa. They receive accreditation from Fairtrade who guarantee better prices, decent working conditions and fair terms of trade for farmers and workers. The UTZ Certification programme assures that cocoa is sourced sustainably and that farmers are supported in growing better crops, generating more income and creating opportunities to safeguard the environment and secure the Earth’s natural resources.

‘The Nestlé Cocoa Plan is a prime example of our Creating Shared Value approach to business. Throughout the world and across Nestle brands, we are involved in a broad range of social and environmental initiatives that together make quite a difference. Our commitment to great tasting and trusted produces has and always will be tied to our respect for the environment and the people we work with, including supper of farmers who supply us and help to develop communities where we operate.’  – Nestlé

In 2015, Express Vending introduced Caffe Praego, ethically sourced Arabica Bourbon coffee from Rwanda. Profits are reinvested in the local community to sustain employment and to support the industry. A percentage from sales goes to The Point Foundation, one of our corporate charities that helps vulnerable children and young people with housing, care, medical assistance and education. We wanted to offer Caffe Praego because it is high quality and delicious coffee, but also because we know where it comes from, how it is sourced and the community profits support.

The sugar we use for all our hot drinks vending machines is Fairtrade pure cane sugar produced by Tate & Lyle and committed to supporting small-scale sugar cane farmers and sustainable futures.

Healthy Products

Express Vending promotes and encourages healthier lifestyles. We provide healthy options for consumers to choose from. These include a catalogue of healthy and low-calorie snacks including fruit, cereal bars, popcorn and Snack-A-Jacks.

We have a selection of food and drinks that is labelled with its nutritional value for consumers to make an informed decision prior to purchase.

We use Gold Award Winning Quality Milfresh milk that is 100% skimmed milk and is fat free and has no hydrogenated vegetable fat (non-HVO).  Made from dried liquid milk, it does not have any added colours or preservatives.

We continually work with nutritionists to identify other healthy products we can introduce and supply to our clients.

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