Jack O'Donnell Foundation

We support the Jack O’Donnell Foundation, a charity that helps children and young people realise their potential in sport. The organisation provides funding to young people 6 – 19 years who need help reaching their goals. The charity also supports life-changing medical treatment helping children and families to have brighter futures.

How we support young people

The Jack O’Donnell Foundation helps children and young people realise their potential in sport and funds life-changing medical treatment for children.

Funds have covered sporting activities such as motorcycling, ice hockey, skiing, dance and gymnastics. JODF supports youth clubs and organisations that need equipment to engage young people in sporting activities. The charity contributes to life transforming medical treatment and much needed resources including specialist equipment and operations enabling children to be able to stand, sit and walk without assistance, activities most people take for granted. The foundation also contributes to initiatives such as a respite care centre and a ski group for disabled children that help improve their quality of life.

‘Express Vending have been a key partner of the Jack O’Donnell Foundation since the charity started in 2010. Their moral and financial support has been constant and very significant. Quite simply, we could not help the children we do without such support.’ – Amanda O’Donnell

We are proud to be involved in the Jack O’ Donnell Foundation and keen to raise more funds that can contribute to making dreams a reality. Previous fundraising events have included sponsored sports matches, bike rides and treks, music nights, an annual quiz night and charity auctions.

Click here to read more about the foundation and how you can support the charity.

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