About Vidal Sassoon Academy

For over 60 years, the reputation of the Sassoon Academy for hair professionals has been built on developing and providing world-class academies and education centres around the globe.


Vidal Sassoon operates a hair academy alongside its well-known salon business. Fee paying students learn about the Sassoon philosophy, with courses ranging from 1 to 30 weeks. In this business area, Vidal Sassoon had a need for vending facilities for its students and teachers.

Vidal Sassoon Academy Space

The core philosophy of striving for perfection in every aspect of the business has not changed since it was created and it is with this in mind that Vidal Sassoon ensures the highest quality products and services are available for students and staff

As the company progressed and modernised, a need for high-quality coffee with a range of options became evident to Vidal Sassoon. Leona Curran, General Manager of the academy, found that her staff and students wanted the quality of coffee found in high street cafes to be available in the office and its current provider of vending services was falling short of the quality expected.

Vidal Office Vending Machines

Why Express?

Vidal Sassoon offers coffee to staff and students as ‘free-vends’, so they do not need to pay. This is a significant investment for the company and as such the machines need to be of the highest quality to mirror this.

As the current provider of vending services was not meeting expectations, Leona started to research what other providers were available on the market.

Express came up during her search and she was impressed by the range of products and services it offered. By chance, before she contacted the company, one of the sales team from Express got in touch with Leona to see if there was any business need for vending services.

Vidal academy london

After the initial discussions, Leona was able to go to other companies using Express services and test out some of the machines offered. The quality of the products that she tested, the high quality of the coffee she was able to try and the service she received throughout the sales process led her to choose Express as Vidal Sassoon’s vending supplier.

Service levels have always been a high priority for Leona:

“No matter how strong the products are, if the service wasn’t fantastic, I would look for someone else. The service provided by Express is wonderful, and it also provides fantastic products.”

Vidal Coffee Machines

Finding the Right Solution

Express was able to guide Vidal Sassoon to the right machines for their business needs, the correct number required and which size machines would fit unobtrusively into the office.

When the company moved into a new office, Express was able to update the machines for the company’s new look and provide machines which looked aesthetically pleasing in a modern office.

All of the Vidal Sassoon machines are ‘operated’. This means Express arrives each week to stock, clean and refill the various machines. This service ensures the machines are kept in top condition and are never short of products:

“There is only so much good products can do. If the machines were always breaking down, or the company never came out to fix them or were empty then I would change providers.”

Express also provides ‘Everyday Essentials’: the provision of loose consumables such as tea bags, milk, cups, stirrers, sugar etc.

The machines currently in operation at the Vidal Sassoon Academy include the following:

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Vidal Academy Stairs

How the Machines Complement Working Life

Vidal Sassoon has both a student lounge and a staff room, with machines situated in these break rooms. Having the machines situated in the break rooms allows people to have a proper break away from their work to relax and unwind. This also stops people walking through working areas and causing disruption throughout the day.

Leona noted the availability of snacks in the office has not led to students and staff using these as lunch replacements or preventing them from taking a full break. Instead they act as a nice ‘pick-me-up’ towards the end of a working day.

Express was also able to align with Vidal Sassoon’s health and safety regulations by programming the machines to fill up coffee cups to a certain level to ensure there was less risk of spillage.

The availability of the hot drinks vending machines in the break rooms also complies with Vidal Sassoon’s health and safety needs by stopping people continuously walking up and down stairs with hot drinks.

The Overall Service

The most up-to-date machines are in place and have been updated continuously during the time Vidal Sassoon has been working with Express. While the machines have been updated to touch screen with the latest technology installed, the quality of the services and products is as high as ever.

If there are any issues with the machines, which there rarely have been in the eight years Leona has been dealing with Express, someone is able to come out within an hour or two to look at them and make any necessary repairs.

At Express, service is upheld by one point of contact. Any issues that may arise are dealt with by the client’s own account manager, so everything is handled professionally and on-time.

Throughout the partnership, Leona has always been very impressed with the level of service:

“The service of care is wonderful. Sophie, who manages our account, has been with me throughout the whole process and we have now been with Express for around eight years. Toby was the person I first dealt with when we began working with the company and he is still the regional manager of our account. He continues to work closely with Sophie, who now looks after our day-to-day account needs. Everyone I have met from the business – from head office to the people who deliver and refill the machines – are not only very professional, but also really friendly and great to work with. I couldn’t ask for more!”

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