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  • Increased staff engagement with accessible refreshments
  • Hassle-free full site solution

About ITN

ITN is a broadcasting company based in London, which creates video content for various national television networks.

Lloyd Reynolds is the properties manager for ITN, running the day-to-day operations at ITN’s London offices and making sure they meet the needs of ITN’s 700 UK employees.

Building a complete catering service

ITN began working with Express Vending in 2016 when it was looking for an alternative solution to its 11 self-service Nespresso coffee pod machines.

Busy ITN employees didn’t have the time to keep on top of the manual maintenance required to keep numerous machines working.

ITN researched the refreshment market – looking at leasing and hiring options – before deciding to team with Express Vending, with their maintenance service one of the key deciding factors. Express Vending take care of all the cleaning and restocking duties necessary for the 9 fresh milk coffee machines that span over 5 floors.

Since fitting the original machine, Express Vending has helped grow ITN’s staff refreshment offering. The ITN offices now boast a fully-serviced Express mini HUB; a bespoke solution that is located in a hallway outside the post-production suite and consists of one bay, one fridge and one kiosk.

"The old machines provided were completely self-service, meaning the employees using it were expected to maintain them and take on tasks like cleaning and filtering. Our teams simply didn’t have time to properly maintain the machines and we started to see usage wane".

Community is key

With no communal cafe area having a solution that was accessible to everyone was important to ITN

Employee Wellness

The flexible refreshment offering complements existing on-site company perks, keeping all employees across shifts happy

Fully maintained

The coffee machines and HUB solution are completely maintained by Express, saving ITN employees valuable time

Tailored to you

The Express HUB is always stocked with the latest popular products, and amended to suit the needs of ITN's employees

“Our employees have made it clear they’re enjoying the new food and drink options available. We’ve had plenty of positive feedback from across the company and you can also tell by the uptake. Internal data shows usage of the machines has quadrupled since replacing the Nespresso pod machines with the Express Vending services and it’s hugely down to how quick and convenient they are for employees to use”.

Delivering a communal space

The biggest challenge facing Lloyd as Properties Manager was delivering a food and beverage option that could cater to all ITN’s departmentalised teams.

With each team working across different offices and floors – and no communal café area – Lloyd needed to find a service that was accessible to everyone.

Express delivered in the form of multiple new fresh milk coffee machines and a fully-stocked HUB, offering an easily accessible on-site facility for every team.

“We’ve definitely noticed a positive engagement with the Express HUB and coffee machines. The self-service elements make it easy for anyone to buy and pay for products as and when they want. At ITN we try to make our company perks even for all employees working any shifts. We have a wellness centre which includes a gym for staff to use and now we have a flexible refreshment offering too, that keeps employees on all shifts happy”.

Fuel around the clock

Express Vending was also tasked with providing a service which could cater to ITN’s employees who work unusual hours and shift patterns.

The ITN offices run 24 hours a day, with employees working through the night and those working nights can find it difficult to get a snack or meal, with most local shops shut during their shift.

The Express HUB incorporates a self-service checkout system, meaning ITN employees can access food and drinks any hour of the day and don’t have to venture out in the cold and dark when working overnight.

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