• Increase in product line
  • A bespoke solution that compliments existing facilities
  • Higher staff productivity levels

About Deluxe

Deluxe is a global video creation and distribution company, with offices around the world and operations in 38 international markets.

Stuart Jones is the Building and Facilities Manager for Deluxe’s Perivale sites, ensuring the needs of its 450 employees are met.

Deluxe A long-lasting relationship

Express has been working with Deluxe for eight years, providing refreshment services like water dispensers, instant hot water taps and hot drinks machines to its UK offices. Most recently, Express installed a bespoke HUB in Deluxe’s Perivale site, which it stocks with a variety of food and drinks options.

The partnership has flourished thanks to Express’ willingness to work alongside Deluxe’s existing in-house catering suppliers. The Express team avoids directly competing with the catering company by ensuring all the pricing of potential food offerings is transparent and communicated between both parties.

Express also complements the in-house caterers’ offerings by supplying longer-lasting, ‘best-by’ options that last over the weekend, when the kitchen isn’t open.


“Express is always very accommodating. It’s a company which always listens to our needs and delivers bespoke solutions while keeping overheads as low as possible”.

Commercially Beneficial

Deluxe required an unmanned solution that was available 24/7 for its staff whilst keeping in line with the company's budget.

Satisfactory Stock

Express ensures the stock provided has longer use by dates for weekend workers.

Increase in product line

Express listened to Deluxe's need for more refreshment options that were healthy and vegan friendly.

Accessible refreshment solution

Deluxe's shift pattern workers now have a convenient on-site solution, rather than going off site when other facilities are closed.

“We’ve had plenty of positive feedback from staff, who are happy they can now get access to a decent meal, snacks or drinks at any time through the night or weekend without having to go out into the cold”.

Catering to out-of-hours workers

Express was tasked with providing self-service meal options for Deluxe’s night and weekend staff.

Manning the in-house canteen 24/7 was not financially viable for Deluxe, who wanted to offer those working unusual shift patterns access to food and drink without having to leave the site.

The Express HUB is stocked with snacks, sandwiches and more to give shift-workers a variety of on-site, nutritious food and drink options they can access at any time using a self-service checkout.

Express even answered the Deluxe employees’ call for more vegan and healthy options and it now keeps the HUB stocked with fresh fruit, salads and other lighter snacks.

micro market fridge

A reactive, data-driven approach

Before installing the hub, Express conducted staff surveys to find out the types of snack options the Deluxe employees would like to see in the HUB and find out any dietary requirements.

To reduce waste and deliver the most cost-effective service possible, Express managed the Deluxe stock using real-time data. This meant if only four packets of crisps were sold in one week, it would only replenish the stock of those four packets.

Stuart explains how Express used this data to provide a tailored selection of food and drink, designed to keep staff happy and reduce waste across the company:

“Products are stocked and removed based on Deluxe employees’ actual buying habits. This obviously means our team are getting the choices they’re after but also reduces potential waste from purchasing less popular items”.

The use of data spreads beyond just purchases, too. Express uses real-time data to manage food health and safety standards.

Fridges and chilled cabinets installed at Deluxe are monitored by temperature. If they rise to a temperature that could spoil the contents, they become locked and the food is disposed of, completely eliminating the risk of staff ever buying spoiled goods.

Made to measure

The Deluxe HUB was bespoke to the company to fit into an existing space in its canteen area. The Express team took measurements and plotted a design that included all the food and drink bays Deluxe had asked for, so staff had the choices they wanted.

Stuart was impressed by Express’ ability to provide a tailored solution to their needs.

“We knew what we wanted, passed the brief onto Express and the team delivered. We’ve worked with them long enough to be on the same page and we knew it would be a smooth process”.

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