• Single supplier for all refreshment services
  • Supports their employee wellness initiative
  • Great working relationship with account manager

About Airwair

Airwair International Limited is a global business based in the UK which manufactures and sells footwear, most notably the famous Dr. Martens boots.

Chris Sayers, Airwair’s Property and Safety Manager looks after FM, safety and property projects for the EMEA region offices and its 2,000 employees.

Why Express?

Express has been working with Airwair for just under a year, but Chris worked with the company in his previous role. Having had such a positive experience with Express already, he was keen to have the team design the refreshment solution for Airwair too, creating bespoke solutions for each site.

“When we were opening our new Camden office, I contacted Express and asked the team for a proposal. Express is a premium provider, it had previously always delivered excellent service, so I trusted them to do so again.”

Chris was also interested in the extensive range of services Express provides. In addition to coffee and vending machines, Express Essentials is able to deliver a high-quality choice of products such as daily milk deliveries, healthy workplace snacks and fresh lunches.

Consultative Service

Dedicated account managers use expert knowledge to consult on the best, bespoke solution for individual sites

Single Supplier

Time savings from ordering, invoice processing and related admin are huge for Airwair's team

Happier Staff

The provision of free, healthy snacks and drinks by Airwair has made their staff feel happier and more valued

Healthier Staff

Express contribute to Airwair's internal wellness initiative, creating a healthy and productive office culture

“One point of contact is definitely easier for us. If we need a few different things, it can all go into one email and invoices all come from one source, saving the company from a lot of time-consuming admin and unnecessary hassle."

“Our account manager is also excellent. Whether we need 200 bacon baps for a Friday morning or an engineer for a broken-down machine, we know we can just call them up, tell the team what we need and they will get it done.”

The Benefits of a Single Supplier

Airwair benefit from having Express as a single provider for multiple services. They provide water dispensers, vending machines, Franke Foam Master coffee machines and the Essentials range. The time and additional resources saved by having one point of contact for everything is huge for Airwair.

Airwair uses Express Essentials’ services frequently as it orders lunches for meetings several times a week, which is particularly convenient for the business and always well received by staff.

“The last thing you want to do is spend hours ringing around different providers. We know Express will always deliver good-quality lunches, even if ordered at the very last minute, which is especially important when meeting with clients or business partners.”

“Express continues to support our focus on wellness and is able to provide healthier food choices for us. We have now removed the sweets we used to offer and replaced them with fruit, which Express provides three times a week. The fruit literally disappears, it’s so popular!"

“For meetings, we like to stay away from the cakes and chocolate and tend to order sandwiches, salads and chicken sticks for snacks to keep options as healthy as possible.”

Supporting Wellness Initiatives

Employee wellbeing is very important to Airwair and Express has been able to support and assist with internal strategies to educate employees on the importance of a healthy lifestyle.

“The Express team came up in person when we were doing our healthy eating initiative and spoke to staff about the need for good nutrition in the workplace, which was really beneficial. The team was also able to call on Express for ideas for the wellbeing week we held.”

Airwair is always looking for new angles for innovative workplace wellness initiatives. As such, it now provides employees with treadmills for use during meetings, on-site massages and a designated wellness room in each office.

Everyday Essentials

Contributing to Day to Day Life

Express’ full site solution contributes to an overall growth in day-to-day productivity in Airwair’s new offices. The feedback from employees has been extremely positive about the complimentary fruit and onsite coffee machines.

“There has definitely been a positive impact on employee happiness. Productivity has improved as people don’t need to leave the office to get a snack or hot drink. We also find staff tend to catch-up around the refreshments when taking breaks, so they are building better relationships. We feel our investment in their health and happiness lets our employees know how valued they are.”

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Get the Essentials for your workplace
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