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Snakky Max Green Snack & Sweet Machine



Offering a complete refreshment service in a compact size, the Snakky Max Green from N&W is the ideal choice for locations with limited space. Able to hold up to 300 products, this compact vending machine can offer your customers a brilliant range of snacks, sweets and confectionery.


Its compact size ensures that it can fit through any narrow doorways, and is the prime choice if your office or designated location lacks the space for a large machine.


The Snakky Max Green has been designed to be as user-friendly as possible: with a well-lit, glass-fronted design, it’s easy for customers to see the products on show. An intuitive user interface means the selection process is easy, and thanks to innovative technology, product delivery is always guaranteed.


The sweet and snack vending machine is also incredibly environmentally friendly, with a class A energy rating, and an energy efficient processor.


Able to fit in any location, the Snakky Max Green is the perfect option for small locations that want a big choice. 

» Perfect for snacks

» Slimline machine perfect for smaller spaces

» Compatible with bank note readers and cashless systems (keys, cards, etc.)

» Large illuminated product display (LED Lighting)

Snakky Max Green Snack and Sweet Vending Machine


Complete refreshment service offering a choice of snacks, confectionery, cans and bottles.

Compact footprint to allow access via narrow doorways.

-Large glass door for optimal visibility of products

-Extremely compact yet offering a fantastic selection of 30 products.

-Flexible layout with option for snacks and confectionery only or can & bottles.

-Vend detector system ensures trouble free dispensing.

-Designed to be banked alongside the Astro, Kikko Max drinks or Snakky Max Green snack machine to offer a full refreshment service.

-Virtual and combined selections - perfect for promotional offers and multi vend discounts.

-Slide in/out compartment for housing up to 3 payment systems - note loader, coin mechanism and cashless system.

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