Hot Food Vending Machines

Hot toasted sandwich from the machine

Do you require good quality hot food to be available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week? If so, then you need a hot food vending machine. Hot food vending machines store restaurant quality meals that have been frozen using an air-blast process.

All meals are free of E numbers and are available in a wide range of options including healthy and vegetarian meals these are also great form of healthy vending. Using a hot food vending machine could reduce your costs by up to 90% compared to the cost of a conventional staffed canteen, not to mention the space you will save.

Hot food vending machines provide hot food that can be ready to eat in under one minute. Complete meals as well as filled sandwiches and paninis are also an option.

Our Hot Food Vending Machines

Easy 6000 Food Vending

Easy 6000 Vending Machine
  • » Machine temperature maintained between 3 and 5°C
  • » Intelligent loading records date of stock and monitors shelf life
  • » Energy efficient A+ rated with power-LED lighting

Starfood Food Vending

Starfood Vending Machine
  • » Capacity for up to 150 individual items
  • » 8-10 drums
  • » Serves fresh food, drinks and snacks

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