Cold Food Vending Machines

2 vending machine full of cold drinks and snack foods

Our cold food vending machines are temperature controlled ensuring that food is kept cool and always in perfect condition at the point of purchase.

These cold food vending machines are perfect for canteens and cafeterias, with huge capacities and energy efficient systems.

Take a look at our range of cold food vending machines below.

Our Cold Food Vending Machines

Easy 6000 Food Vending

Easy 6000 Vending Machine
  • » Machine temperature maintained between 3 and 5°C
  • » Intelligent loading records date of stock and monitors shelf life
  • » Energy efficient A+ rated with power-LED lighting

Starfood Food Vending

Starfood Vending Machine
  • » Capacity for up to 150 individual items
  • » 8-10 drums
  • » Serves fresh food, drinks and snacks

Samba Top Vending Machine

Samba Top Vending Machine
  • » Possibility to dispense snacks, food, bottles, cans and tetra pack
  • » Can set up to three temperatures
  • » Excellent capacity/size ratio

Festival Food Vending

Starfood Vending Machine
  • » Variable temperature options
  • » 8-10 drums
  • » Serves snacks, drinks, fresh dishes, fruit and yoghurt

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