Cold Drinks Vending Machines

Vending machine full of cold drinks

We offer a variety of cold drink vending machines all providing a wide range of cold cans, cartons and bottles.

Our cold drink vending machines offer a convenient and refreshing opportunity for your guests, staff and customers to quench their thirst.

Our cold drink vending machines are available in a range of different models and we are also able to supply the leading brands of beverages with which to fill your machine. Take a look at our range of cold drink vending machines detailed below.

Our Cold Drinks Vending Machines

Samba Top Vending Machine

Samba Top Vending Machine
  • » Possibility to dispense snacks, food, bottles, cans and tetra pack
  • » Can set up to three temperatures
  • » Excellent capacity/size ratio

Snakky Max Vending Machines

Snakky Max Vending Machine
  • » Flexible spiral layout to offer snack, cans and bottles
  • » Excellent capacity/size ratio
  • » Possibility to install up to three payment systems

Rondo Vending Machine

Rondo Vending Machine
  • » Excellent capacity /size ratio
  • » Possibility to dispense snacks, bottles, cans and tetra pack
  • » Large window for an optimum product visibility

Palma Vending Machine

Palma Vending Machine
  • » Perfect for snacks and drinks
  • » Compatible with bank note readers and cashless systems (keys, cards, etc.)
  • » Large illuminated product display (LED Lighting)

Coca Cola

Coca Cola Vending Machine
  • » Huge capacity
  • » Large range of popular canned drinks from Coca Cola
  • » Temperature control to maintain icy cold refreshing taste

Azure Del Monte

Azure Del Monte Vending Machine
  • » Chilled water, 2 flavoured waters and bottle fill facility
  • » Dispenses refreshing real fruit drinks including Apple & Mango, Orange and Apple & Raspberry

Cold Drink Vending Machines

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