Coca Cola Vending Machines

Coke can vending machine

At Express Vending we have the perfect Coca Cola vending machines to quench your thirst.

Our Coca Cola vending machines will cater for all of your Coca Cola vending requirements. We ensure that your vending machine is placed in the best location on your premises and is always fully stocked.

Choosing Express Vending means all service and maintenance is handled by us including any problems that may arise during the lifecycle of your coke vending machine.

Whether you need just one or many machines in different locations, we will tailor our vending service to suit your needs. If you would like to find out more information about our machines and range of products please contact our sales team on.

Coke Vending Machine Specifications

Our Coke vending machines measure approximately 182cm x 102cm x 96cm. The capacity of our bottle machines ranges from 191 to 300 bottles. Our can vending machines can hold between 238 and 600 cans. Each machine has an internal chilling system ensuring cans and bottles are cooled to 5°C.

Coca Cola vending machines are the ideal solution for canteens and our staff will ensure that they are stocked to full capacity on a regular basis.

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