Vending Machines

We know workplaces can vary in terms of their needs. At Express Vending we cater to all kinds of requirements with our huge variety of vending machines for hire. We offer a range of products, maintenance, cleaning and filling services to ensure your machine is always ready to go.

Hot Drinks

We offer a variety of hot drinks vending machines, whether you simply need a table top vending machine for your meeting room or a large floor standing vending machine to cater for your whole office.

Coffee Machines

When you need that little coffee break our machines can provide you with the selection of drinks that your kettle just can’t live up to.

Floor Standing Machines

We are able to supply several floor standing hot drinks machines, each of which offer a wide range of services.

Table Top Machines

Table top hot drinks machines are the best option for areas where there is insufficient space for a fixed machine.


Food Vending

Express Vending offer a complete range of different types of food for our vending machines, whether you want to offer your staff healthy snacks or sweet treats.

Hot Food Vending

Do you require good quality hot food to be available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week? If so, then you need a hot food vending machine.

Cold Food Vending

These cold food vending machines are perfect for canteens and cafeterias, with huge capacities and energy efficient systems.

Healthy Vending

Need a healthy option? Express Vending can cater to the needs of the well being conscious with our healthy food vending machines.


The Future of Digital Vending

The VE CONNECT is a revolutionary vending machine! It’s large LCD touchscreen, telemetry and unique user experience fascinates passers-by and makes buying products through an automated device exciting. Vend almost anything !


Cold Drinks

We offer a variety of cold drink vending machines all providing a wide range of chilled cans, cartons and bottles. Our cold drink vending machines offer a convenient and refreshing opportunity for your guests, staff and customers to quench their thirst.

Cold Drinks Vending Machines

Our cold drink vending machines are available in a range of different models, supplying the leading brands in chilled drinks. Take a look at our range of cold drink vending machines detailed below.

Water Dispensers

A water dispenser in the office is a great way to increase productivity within your workforce. Drinking water improves concentration levels as well as delivering many physical benefits.

In fact, it is now a legal requirement to provide your staff with easily accessible drinking water. Take a look at our range of water dispensers below.


Snacks & Sweets

Snack vending machines can be stocked with a variety of confectionery brands including crisps, chocolate, and sweets to name a few.

These confectionery vending machines are a great asset for any area and attract large numbers of customers. Take a look at our range of machines detailed below.


Branding Your Vending Machine

Express Vending can add your company branding to your vending surround and we can design this to meet your individual needs and requirements.

The branded vending housing integrates into your canteen space, to create an attractive area for you and your staff to take breaks. These housing areas incorporate a range of features to keep the area neat and tidy.

Vending Surrounds

Whether you simply want a vending surround unit for a single vending machine in a public area to increase security, or an attractive multi vending station to create a ‘break area’ for your staff, we can assist with a range of options.



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