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Healthy Vending Machines

Express Vending promotes and encourages healthier lifestyles. We think is it important to provide healthy vending machines with a range of products and healthy options along with information on ingredients and nutritional value. Express Vending offers clients healthy alternatives to their snack and confectionary vending machines. 


Healthy Vending

Our healthy vending programme is evolving and we continually update our products based on advice from nutritionists we work closely with, specialist companies and client feedback. We offer a range of healthy options including low fat crisps and popcorn, dried fruit and nuts, fruit bars, oat bars, healthy drinks, fruit juice and water. We can also provide refrigerated dairy products such as milk, yoghurt and porridge products on request.


All products are clearly labelled with ingredients and nutritional value using the traffic light colours to indicate how high the intake of fat, saturates, sugars and salt the product contains. The information includes the amount of energy a food or drink contains per serving. We also offer machines that have ‘ipad’ style swipe screens and provide on-screen nutritional information for users to check prior to purchase. This is helpful to purchasers who are keen to make an informed choice on their food choices.


All our hot drinks machines use Gold Award Winning Quality Milfresh milk that is 100% skimmed milk and is fat free and has no hydrogenated vegetable fat (non-HVO).  Made from dried liquid milk, it does not have any added colours or preservatives.


Healthy Vending is an expanding area for us and we work a range of clients including offices, commercial facilities and schools providing healthy options as part of our offer.


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