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We promote the '3 Rs' to reduce, reuse and recycle

Our Environment

Express Vending promotes and encourages healthier lifestyles.  We think is it important to provide machines with a range of products and healthy options along with information on ingredients and nutritional value.  Express Vending offers clients healthy alternatives to their snack and confectionary vending machines.

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Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

As a company that supplies, transports and services machinery, we manage waste and are required to do so securely and safely. We are compliant with recent legislation, directives, regulations and requirements.  

Across all our offices and depots we have recycling facilities and encourage staff to use these. All cardboard rubbish from the warehouse and depots are compacted and collected for recycling and other packaging is returned to suppliers and manufacturers to be re-used.


Paper cups are recycled by specialist collection services and are used for incineration to generate heating and electricity. Aluminium cans and plastic bottles are crushed and disposed of by Express Vending through recycle systems by expert companies. 

We were awarded an EU funded grant to have handheld PDA data readers to control stock instead of using paper, this saves approximately 4000 pieces of paper a week and has also generated five new jobs.

Our machines have ‘sleep mode’ facilities that can be set easily to turn on and off at required times, thus conserving energy. Where returned machines are still operational they are refurbished for continued use.  When machines are no longer operational, they are professionally disposed of and records kept. We provide training on waste management and work closely with clients on how waste generated from the vending machines should be managed.

We have cut down on travel by using satnavs to ensure that transport time is minimal and reducing the amount of energy used. Wherever possible we use technology and conference call facilities for meetings. To reduce the number of miles to ship goods, we buy from local suppliers where possible and buy in bulk.

Efficient energy management is important to us.  Most of our offices are smart offices with lights that automatically turn off at a set time; our goal is to make all our offices smart. We encourage staff to turn off computers and other equipment when not in use or away for a long period of time.  

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