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Express Vending Traffic Master Case Study

Trafficmaster is an expert in intelligent driving solutions with over 20 years' experience, comprising of UK-based Trafficmaster Ltd and Teletrac Inc. in the USA.

"We wanted to improve the atrium area to make it more inviting, comfortable and enjoyable to use…"

Kim McCormick
HR & Facilities Manager

The Problem

Trafficmaster Ltd was supplied with the same fully managed refreshment offering by a large national vending supplier for 8 years. The solution provided a hot drinks, cold drinks and snack offering for Trafficmaster Ltd's 200 staff at their UK head office in Cranfield, Bedfordshire and was located within the centralised atrium at the heart of the Trafficmaster location.

Kim McCormick, HR & Facilities Manager centred the review around a desire to 'improve the atrium area to make it more inviting, comfortable and enjoyable to use.'

The Solution

The brief dictated a desire to radically alter the atrium area within the Trafficmaster office not only to improve the aesthetics of the area but to also improve the quality of the refreshment solution available for members of staff and visitors.

The new solution comprises an upgraded snack and cold drink offering, an additional fresh food offering, a bean to cup hot drinks machine and water dispensers all contained within a Nebrak housing unit and purpose built coffee bar.

The solution is located in the communal area in the atrium of Trafficmaster's UK head office. The radical development of the Atrium area has created a fresh, modernised area for meetings, break-outs, meals and relaxation, used by staff and visitors alike. Health and safety has been improved by better placing and containment of the machines, as well as improving the look and feel of the entire entrance hall area.

Trafficmaster's Kim McCormick is delighted with the results and says:

"The result has been fantastic, the whole area has been modernised, is lighter and more attractive. The different choices now on offer in the way of vending machines ensure the comfort of all employees without the need to go out at all during their break. The best thing is coming in to the office in the morning to the smell of real coffee!"

Kim McCormick
HR & Facilities Manager

Express Vending Traffic Master Case Study

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