How much do you pay for a coffee? Which city in the world is the most expensive for a cup of coffee?

With approximately 2.25 billion cups of coffee consumed globally every single day, it seems a good old cup of coffee really is one of the world’s favourite drinks. However, depending on where in the world you’re drinking it, the cost of your favourite pick me up can differ greatly and Mercer conducted a study earlier this year which examined the cost of coffee throughout the world… Scroll down for image.

As part of their ‘2013 Cost of Living Rankings’ Mercer, a consulting firm specialising in human resources and finances, looked at 214 cities across the world, assessing them on various living costs. One such expenditure was the price of a cup of coffee and they found significant differences from country to country.

There are many factors which can influence the differing costs of a cup of coffee. The quality of the beans themselves, the cost of production and also the value imposed on a cup of coffee by the people consuming it. In Johannesburg, for example, you can expect to pay a very reasonable £1.98 for a cup of coffee and in our capital, London, it is not much more at a surprisingly low £2.70. If you’re travelling to countries such as Tokyo, Beijing and Moscow though, you may wish to consider their elevated coffee costs when planning your spending money as an average cup in those countries is £5.25, £4.93 and £5.30 respectively!

So to make sure you do not pay too much for your coffee use the below map as a guide for the next time you plan a holiday!

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The price of a cup of coffee around the world - An illustration by the team at Express Vending


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