Introducing The Ludus: The World’s First Mind Reading Coffee Machine!

Here at Express Vending we are constantly thinking of innovative, exciting ways to improve our vending machines, often supplying ground-breaking workplace refreshment solutions. However, we have never been more excited to announce, or developed something so advanced, as The Ludus - the world’s first mind reading coffee machine!

The Ludus uses a combination of progressive, pioneering technology in order to offer a comprehensive ‘psychic’ coffee selection process, during which the machine chooses which drink it thinks you would like – with surprising and highly accurate results!

Although still being kept a closely guarded secret by our inventors, designers and developers, the vending machine itself uses both facial recognition and finger print technology to take a complete body reading, determining your age, gender, temperature, heart rate, metabolism and mood. It also takes into account the environment, time of day and outside temperature and uses all the available data, accompanied with hours of programmed market research, to dispense the freshly made drink it believes you’d love.

There are a huge range of drinks on offer – from freshly brewed bean-to-cup espresso, to an assortment of teas, coffee-based drinks and hot chocolate options. It even dispenses water and juice if your body reading determines you are slightly dehydrated!

Advancements in Technology

However, the impressive technology doesn’t stop there! In order to ensure your personal tastes and drinking preferences are taken into account, the coffee machine comes complete with cup memory technology. Whether your office has 5 people or 500, everyone can be given their own, personalised mug which uses radio-frequency identification technology (RFID) to compile a portfolio of your exact drinking habits. Essentially your mug will remember what you like to drink and when, and will interact wirelessly with the coffee machine to let it know. The more you use your mug, the more it will remember about you – until your mug knows more about what you want to drink than you do!


Not only is the technology incorporated in your mug extraordinary – it is a wireless, non-contact technology which uses radio-frequency electromagnetic fields to transfer data – it also makes the process of making a drink incredibly quick and convenient (and the process of making a round of drinks for everyone at your table even more so!) and is a great way to impress employees, clients and visitors.

Modern Design

Finished in smoked glass and featuring a touch screen user interface, The Ludus combines high levels of aesthetically pleasing design with cutting-edge ‘mind reading’ technology and is currently undergoing rigorous testing and a patent process before going into production. The team here at Express hope The Ludus will be available to our customers by the end of 2013 and we believe it will completely revolutionise the vending industry.

Andrew Jones, Head of Marketing here at Express, said:

“Everyone is incredibly excited to begin producing this extraordinary machine. We believe The Ludus will completely transform the provision of workplace refreshments and offers something the industry has never seen before!”

UPDATE: Alright!  Mind reading coffee machines are not about to become a reality. Happy April Fools Day!

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  • Kaffee Partner

    Incredible this Ludus, but in Germany this coffee machine is already available. You don´t not believe it? See here: http://www.kaffee-partner-blog.de/kaffee-partner-macht-einfach-mehr-moglich/
    The same design, touchscreen and on market since 2010.


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