• St Albans Sleep Out 2016

    Posted on January 6, 2017

    At 9pm on the 2nd of December, Gemma & Lilly Ann bedded down for the night outside St. Albans Cathedral for a local homeless charity called LAMP. They slept rough, outside in the freezing cold, on the floor raising much needed funds for this amazing charity. Team Lamp are incredibly passionate about the Luton Accommodation & Move On project which prevents homelessness through education, outreach and mediation for young adults aged 16-25 years old. These young people have found themselves in a homeless situation through no fault of their own. Some are victims of abuse, conflict or family tensions. To find yourself homeless is a utterly desperate situation. The money raised through this sponsored sleep out will make a real difference to the lives of young homeless people. Gemma...

  • Hayley White's Trip to Uganda

    Posted on January 6, 2017

      In October, Hayley returned to Uganda to work with ten individual schools teaching life skills lessons. Schools were made up of 6 primary and 4 secondary schools. Her report concludes:   “I led many sessions primarily on how to prevent the spread of HIV/Aids in Uganda. There are many stories and moments that opened my eyes and surprised me but I loved every minute of it. I stayed with a family called the Magolos and they were very nice. I was out on the field pretty much every day at the schools and some were a bit further out than others. I also visited a few other charities and partners in Uganda including PAG Soroti and Tumaini Children’s Home in Jinja. I attended lots of different events and witnessed a lot of cultural celebrations ...

  • Santa's Snack Haul Visualised

    Posted on December 13, 2016

    Father Christmas would be the world’s greatest F1 racer. In the space of one evening he delivers almost double what Amazon does in a year (1.1 billion orders), dispatching gifts to the world’s 2 billion children. And while posties are content with leaving orders behind wheelie bins, Santa goes the extra mile, climbing down chimneys and hand delivering to every stocking hanging by every fireplace.   Christmas is a time of giving as much as it is a time of receiving, so it’s natural that children across the world leave refreshments for their bearded friend, to keep him going throughout the busiest night of his year.   This is all good and well… until we consider the scale of Santa’s task. Narrowing it down to just the UK, the Office of National Statistics predicts that there are 8 million households in the UK with children. (We will assume they have all been good this year.) The combined volume of all this food and drink swiftly adds up ...

  • Trick of the Treats

    Posted on October 24, 2016

    Halloween is a spooky time.   Although naysayers will claim that it’s a phony American tradition, the holiday dates back to Celtic Europe. Samhain is a Pagan festival, celebrated to this day, which marks the beginning of winter with a ‘feast of the dead’. It was later adapted by Christians in the 9th Century to match up with ‘All Saints’ Day’, and over time grew into what we now know as Halloween. If anything, modern traditions of dressing in costume and scaring one another predate the strictly religious elements of the festivity. All we know is that it’s a great excuse for some sweet treats.   Speaking of sweets, Halloween is also a period of indulgence, and it’s important not to neglect your health during the festivities. Looking into averages, Express Vending have uncovered the spooky truth behind how long it can take you to burn off your haunted haul of trick-or-treated goodies.   The ...

  • Hayley from our Everyday Essentials Department Volunteers with ACET

    Posted on October 11, 2016

    Hayley, from our Essentials Department, will be heading to Uganda on the 13th October for 6 weeks to volunteer with a charity called ACET (Aids Care Education Training). Whilst in Uganda, she will be living with a Ugandan Family in the town of Mbale. She will be helping ACET with different projects to prevent the spread of HIV and Aids, by working with local schools, communities and orphanages in Uganda. Not only will she predominantly be working in Mbale, but she will also be visiting Tumaini Children’s Home in Jinja, working with the Uganda Women Concern Ministry in Mbale and also visiting Soroti to work with the Youth and youth leaders at a church, as requested by their Minister. ...

  • 9 Culture Secrets from Employee Handbooks

    Posted on September 26, 2016

    Your first day at any new job is always eventful. There's countless names to learn, office in-jokes to accustom yourself with, and (crucially) a coffee machine to locate.   Help is at hand though in the form of your employee handbook, a blueprint for understanding how your new workplace 'makes things happen', which is a staple for almost any modern company.   These documents are some of your first impressions of your new office, and as a result, the best examples of these books are carefully crafted to help you understand the culture of the company in question.   We took a look at nine employee handbooks of some of the most successful companies for culture, and these were the lessons we ...

  • Charity Bike Ride

    Posted on September 9, 2016

    On Sunday 4th September Hannah Wheeler from Essentials Department & 3 friends cycled 55 miles from London to Windsor in just over 4 hours in order to help raise money for a life changing operation for a young girl called Kallie.   Kallie is 6 years old and has congenital heart disease & cerebral palsy. This mainly affects her legs meaning she is unable to walk unaided & only for a short amount of time. Great Ormond Street Hospital have offered Kallie life changing surgery which will help improve Kallie’s muscle stiffness to benefit her life in so many other ways. Unfortunately the operation comes at a cost and Kallie’s family are trying to raise £40,000 for the operation, which will give her better opportunities in later life. So far we have raised £2000 but any further donations would be a massive help to reach the £40k goal for Kallie’s operation. If you would like to give a donations please come and find me in Essentials or you can donate ...

  • Tough Mudder event for the Bone Cancer Research Trust.

    Posted on August 16, 2016

    In May, Hannah Welton who works in the accounts department at Express Vending and three friends completed the Tough Mudder event for the Bone Cancer Research Trust. Tough Mudder is what it says… - a grueling 12 mile course with 25 obstacles along the way. Hannah reports it was very challenging but well worth the pain, for such a worthwhile charity.   She decided to take part after her friend Zoe’s younger brother, Adam, sadly passed away from Osteosarcoma, which is a rare form of primary bone cancer. Adam was diagnosed with the disease in August 2014 at the age of 16. After nine months of chemotherapy, radiotherapy and the amputation of his left leg, Adam very sadly passed away in July 2015 aged just 17. ...

  • Express Vending supports the Point Foundation

    Posted on August 8, 2016

    The Point Foundation is a registered charity set up in 2006 to work with orphans and vulnerable children primarily in Giseyni, northern Rwanda, as well as Southern Africa.     A number of the “Community Based Living” projects are located close to the coffee plantations where Express source their green beans through Caffe Praego, with Point Foundations local management working with the farmers, their families and communities. ...

  • A Barista's Guide To Latte Art

    Posted on July 11, 2016

    There’s never been a greater time in all of human history for enjoying the artistry of frothed milk carefully arranged atop a creamy espresso. Since its genesis some thirty years ago, latte art has exploded across the globe. Coffee has never been the same.   The process of creating milky masterpieces is entirely reliant on the transfiguration of milk into microfoam. Heating the milk at extreme temperatures rapidly transforms it into a lighter, fluffier substance, which is much easier to sculpt into priceless works of art. It also just happens to alter the chemical structure of the milk, breaking down sugars and resulting in a sweeter beverage.   Latte art is not a café novelty either; it’s a serious sport with its very own world championship. Last year’s World Latte Art Championship was hosted in South Korea and had competitors enter from thirty-six countries. Um Paul of the ...

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